The purpose of this website is so people will be able to read and see illustrated or comic style Christian tracts or booklets in many languages. I am mainly looking for ones in which you may read the entire tract or booklet online. I am looking for comic style magazines also. If you know of one that is not on this website, please write Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


Afrikaans A Love Story - ‘N Liefdesverhaal

Afrikaans Best Friend – Beste vriend

Afrikaans Birds and the Bees – Oor Die Voeltjies En Die Bye

Afrikaans Hi There! – Hallo Daar!

Afrikaans Kidnapped! - Ontvoer!

Afrikaans Positiewe Denke?

Afrikaans Reverend Wonderful – Dominee Wonderlink

Afrikaans Somebody Loves Me – Iemand is Lief Vir My

Afrikaans The Accident - Die Ongeluk

Afrikaans The Fool – Die Dwaas

Afrikaans The God's Bridge to Eternal Life - Die God se brug tot die ewige lewe

Afrikaans The Poor Little Witch – Die Arme Heksie

Afrikaans The Thief – Die Dief

Afrikaans This Was Your Life – Dit Was Jou Lewe

Afrikaans Tiny Shoes – Skoentjies

Afrikaans Wie Se Slaaf is Jy?

Albanian Caught – Kurthi

Albanian This Was Your Life – Pasqyra E Jetes Sate

Albanian A Demon's Nightmare – Makthi I Nje Demoni

Albanian A Love Story – Nje Histori Dashurie

Albanian Allah Had No Son – Allahu Nuk Kishte Djale

Albanian Are You a Good Person?

Albanian Back from The Dead? Kthim Nga Vdeja?

Albanian Flight 144 – Fluturimi 144

Albanian Four Angels? Kater Engjej?

Albanian Hi There! – Je GAti?

Albanian Is There Another Christ? – A ka Nje Tjeter Krisht?

Albanian Last Rites – Ceremonite E Fundit

Albanian One Way! – NJE Rruge!

Albanian Party Girl – Vajza E Mbremjeve

Albanian Room310 – Dhoma 310

Albanian Something in Common? – Diçka në të përbashkët?

Albanian The Last Generation – Brezi I Fundit

Albanian The Long Trip - Udhetimi I Gjate

Albanian Who Murdered Clarice? - Kush e vrau Clarice?

Amharic Free at Last

Amharic It's Your Life!

Amharic One Way!

Amharic Soul Sisters

Amharic The Assignment

Amharic This Was Your Life

Amharic Trust Me

Amharic Who Loves You?

Arabic Allah Had No Son

Arabic Are You a Good Person?

Arabic Back From The Dead

Arabic Greatest Story Ever Told

Arabic How to Get to Heaven

Arabic Is Allah Like You?

Arabic The God's Bridge to Eternal Life

Arabic The Pilgrimage

Arabic The Way to God

Arabic This Was Your Life

Arabic Your Best Life

Armenian The Choice

Armenian The Long Trip

Armenian This Was Your Life

Assyrian The Way to God

Ayacucho Quechua The Way to God