The purpose of this website is so people will be able to read and see illustrated or comic style Christian tracts or booklets in many languages. I am mainly looking for ones in which you may read the entire tract or booklet online. I am looking for comic style magazines also. If you know of one that is not on this website, please write Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


Icelandic Freedom from Fear

Icelandic Gun Slinger - Byssubrandur

Icelandic It’s Free

Icelandic Positive Thinking

Icelandic Science vs. Evolution

Icelandic The Execution - Aftakan

Icelandic This Was Your Life - Petta Var Pitt Lif

Ilocano Is There Another Christ - Adda Cadi Pay Sabali a Cristo

Ilocano There is Hope

Ilocano This Was Your Life - Mabalin Nga Kastoy Ti Biag Mo Idi

Ilocano Why Is Mary Crying - Apay Nga Agsangsangit ni Maria

Ilokano The Way to God

Indonesian Flight 144 – Penerbangan 144

Indonesian A Love Story – Cerita Kasih

Indonesian Allah Had No Son

Indonesian Are You a Good Person?

Indonesian Framed – Jebakan

Indonesian Greatest Story Ever Told - Kisah Teragung Yang Pernah Diceritakan

Indonesian Here He Comes! – Dia Datang!

Indonesian In The Beginning – Pada Mulanya

Indonesian It's Coming – Yang Akan Datang!

Indonesian It's The Law – Undang-Undang

Indonesian Men of Peace? – Manusia-Manusia Pembawa Dama?

Indonesian No Fear? – Tak Gentar

Indonesian Sin City – Kota Dosa

Indonesian Somebody Loves Me – Seseorang Mengasihiku

Indonesian The Big Deal – Perkara Yang Besar

Indonesian The Loser – Orang Yang Kalah

Indonesian The Outcast – Orang Buangan

Indonesian The Present – Hadiah

Indonesian The Promise – Janji

Indonesian The Scam – Penipuan

Indonesian The Warning – Berbahaya Peringatan

Indonesian The Way to God

Indonesian The Word Became Flesh – Firman Menjadi Daging

Indonesian This Was Your Life – Inilah Kehidupanimu Dahulu!

Indonesian Why Is Mary Crying? – Mengapa Maria Menangis

Inuit This Was Your Life

Irish This Was Your Life - Ba I Seo Do Bheatha

Italian A Love Story – Una Storia D’Amore

Italian Are Roman Catholics Christians? – I Cattolici Sono Cristiani?

Italian Back from The Dead? – Tornato Dalla Mote?

Italian Creator or Liar? – Creatore O Bugiardo?

Italian Flight 144 – Volo 144

Italian Greatest Story Ever Told – La Piu Grande Storia Mai Raccontata

Italian Hi There! – Salve!

Italian How To Get To Heaven

Italian Is There Another Christ? – Esiste Forse Un’Altro Cristo?

Italian It’s Free

Italian Last Rites – L’Estrema Unzione

Italian Room 310 = Stanza 310

Italian The Choice – La Scelta

Italian The Mad Machine – La Macchina Pazza

Italian The Only Hope – L’Unica Speranza

Italian The Superstar – IL Campione

Italian The Way to God

Italian The Word Became Flesh – La Parola Estatafatta Carne

Italian This Was Your Life - Questa Era La Tua Vita

Italian Who is He? – Chi E Lui?

Italian Why Is Mary Crying? – Perche Piange Maria