The purpose of this website is so people will be able to read and see illustrated or comic style Christian tracts or booklets in many languages. I am mainly looking for ones in which you may read the entire tract or booklet online. I am looking for comic style magazines also. If you know of one that is not on this website, please write Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


Lamba Creator or Liar - Umulengeshi Neli Uwabufi

Lamba It's Your Life! – Mweo Owe!

Lamba This Was Your Life – Uyu E Wali Mweo Obe!

Lao A Love Story

Lao Creator or Liar?

Lao The Word Became Flesh - Word Became Flesh

Lao This Was Your Life

Latvian Are You a Good Person?

Latvian This Was Your Life - Tavas Dzives Stasts

Lepcha The Way to God

Lingala Are You a Good Person?

Lingala Back From The Dead - Mokufi Azongi Na Bomoi

Lingala Heart Trouble - Motema Mpasi

Lingala The Choice - Liponeli (Le Choix)

Lingala The Long Trip - Mobembo Molai

Lingala The Warning - Likebisi

Lingala This Was Your Life - Oyo Bomoi Na Yo

Lingala Tiny Shoes - Sapato Mike

Lithuanian A Love Story - Meiles Istorija

Lithuanian Heart Trouble – Sirdies Yda

Lithuanian One Way! – Vienas Kelias!

Lithuanian The Way to God

Lithuanian This Was Your Life - Tai Buvo Tavo Gyvenimas

Lithuanian Why Is Mary Crying - Kodel Marija Verkia

Low German This Was Your Life - Dit Wia Dien Laewen

Lozi The Way to God

Luganda The Way to God

Luganda This Was Your Life - Buno Bwe Bwali Obulamu Bwo

Lunda It's Your Life - Hiwumi Weyi

Luvale It's Your Life - Mwono Kana Wove

Luvale This Was Your Life - Dat War Dai Liewen

Luxembourgian Back from The Dead? – Vun Den Douden Zereck?

Luyia The Way to God