The purpose of this website is so people will be able to read and see illustrated or comic style Christian tracts or booklets in many languages. I am mainly looking for ones in which you may read the entire tract or booklet online. I am looking for comic style magazines also. If you know of one that is not on this website, please write Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


Faroese Creator or Liar - Skapari Ella Lygnari

Farsi This Was Your Life

Fijian The Way to God

Fijian This Was Your Life - Oqo Na Nomo Bula E Liu

Fijian Hindi The Way to God

Filipino The Letter – Sulat

Filipino The Loser – Ang Talunan

Filipino A Love Story – Isang Kuwento ng Pag-ibig

Filipino Back From The Dead? – Pagbabalik Mula Sa Mga Patay?

Filipino Best Friend – Matalik Na Kaibigan

Filipino Caught – Huli Ka

Filipino Charlie's Ants - Ang mga Langgam ni Carlo

Filipino Creator or Liar? – Maylikha o Sinungaling?

Filipino Fallen – Napahamak!

Filipino Fat Cats – Matatabang Pusa

Filipino Fatal Decision – Nakapahamak Na Desisyon

Filipino Flight 144 – Flayt 144

Filipino Framed – Maling Paratang!

Filipino Gladys – Gladys

Filipino God With Us – Sumaatin Ang Dios

Filipino Good Ol' Boys- Ang Samahan

Filipino Greatest Story Ever Told - Ang Pinakadakilang Kasaysayan

Filipino Guilty? – Nagkasala

Filipino Gun Slinger – Mabilis Sa Baril

Filipino Heart Trouble - Problema sa Puso

Filipino Here He Comes! – Heto Na Siya!

Filipino Holy Joe – Edong Banal

Filipino How To Get Rich – Papaano Yumaman

Filipino I See You! – Kitang Kita Kita!

Filipino In The Beginning – Sa Pasimula

Filipino Is There Another Christ - Mayroon Kayang Ibang Cristo

Filipino It's Coming – Parating Na!

Filipino It's The Law - Iyan ang Batas

Filipino Just One More – Isa Pa Nga

Filipino Kitty In The Window – Kuting Sa May Bintana

Filipino Last Rites - Huling Ritwal

Filipino Man in Black – Ang Lalaking Nakaitim

Filipino Murph – Sarge

Filipino No Fear? – Dika Ba Takot?

Filipino One Way! – Bukod Tanging Daan

Filipino Papa - Santo Papa

Filipino Payback – Ang Kabayaran!

Filipino Real Heat – Ang Tunay Na Init

Filipino Scream – Hiyaw!

Filipino Set Free – Pinalaya

Filipino Sin City – Lunsod Ng Kasalanan

Filipino Some Like it Hot – Gusto Ng Ilan Ay Mainit

Filipino Somebody Loves Me – May Nagmamahal Sa Akin

Filipino The Accident – Ang Aksidente

Filipino The Beast – Ang Halimaw

Filipino The Big Deal – Ang Pinakamagandang Transakyon

Filipino The Big Spender – Ang Taong Bulagsak

Filipino The Bull – Ang Astig

Filipino The Bully – Ang Maton

Filipino The Choice - Ang Pagpipilian

Filipino The Contract! – Ang Kontrata

Filipino The Empty Tomb – Ang Libingang Walang Laman

Filipino The Greatest Insult – Ang Sukdulang Paghamak

Filipino The Last Judge – Ang Huling Hukom

Filipino The Long Trip - Ang Mahabang Paglalakbay

Filipino The Monster - Ang Halimaw

Filipino The Nervous Witch – Ang Kakaba-Kabang Mangkukulam

Filipino The Outcast – Ang Patapon

Filipino The Present – Ang Relago

Filipino The Promise – Ang Pangako

Filipino The Scam – Ang Pangdaraya

Filipino The Warning - Ang Babala

Filipino There is Hope - Mayroong Pag-asa

Filipino This Was Your Life - Ito ang Naging Buhay Mo

Filipino Tiny Shoes - Maliliit na Sapatos

Filipino Titanic – Titanic

Filipino Where's Your Name? – Nasaan Ang Iyong Pangalan?

Filipino Who Cares? – Sino Ang Nagmamalasakit?

Filipino Who is He? – Sino Ba Siya

Filipino Who's Missing? – Sino’ng Nawawala?

Filipino Why Is Mary Crying - Bakit Lumuluha si Maria

Finnish Are You a Good Person?

Finnish The First Jaws - Ensimmainen Tappajahai

Finnish The Little Ghost - Pikku Kummitus

Finnish The Way to God

Finnish This Was Your Life - Tama Oli Elamasi

French Angels? – Anges?

French A Demon's Nightmare - Un Cauchemar Des Démon

French A Love Story - Une Histoire D’ Amour

French Allah Had No Son - Allah N'avait Pas de Fils

French Are Roman Catholics Christians? - Les Catholiques Romains Sont-ils Chrétiens?

French Are You a Good Person?

French Back From The Dead? - Revenu D'entre Les Morts?

French Big Daddy? – Notre Ancetre?

French Birds and the Bees - Des Abeilles Et Les Fleurs

French Charlie's Ants - Les Fourmis De Charly

French Crazy Wolf - Loup Fou

French Creator or Liar - Createur Ou Menteur

French Earthman - L'Homme De La Terre

French Evil Eyes - Le Mauvais Yeux

French Fat Cats - Les Grosses Legumes

French Fire Starter? – Le Feu Devorant

French Flight 144 – Vol 144

French Frame Up – Un Coup Monte

French Going Home – En Route Pour La Maison

French Going to the Dogs - Aller Donc Aux Chiens!

French Greatest Story Ever Told - L’Histoire La Plus Merveilleuse

French Happy Halloween – Joyeux Halloween

French Happy Hour – Heure Joyeuse

French Hi There! – Je T’attends!

French Holy Joe – Le Petit Saint

French How To Get Rich - Comment Devenir Riche

French In The Beginning – Au Commencement

French Is There Another Christ? - Y a-t-il un Autre Christ?

French It's Coming – IL Va Pleuvoir!

French It's Your Life - C'est Ta Vie

French Last Rites – Les Derniers Sacrements

French Love The Jewish People - Aimez Le Peuple Juif

French Man of the Match – Homme Du Match

French Miss Universe - Miss Univers

French One Way! – Le Seul Chemin

French Plagues – Les Dix Plaies

French Reverend Wonderful – Le Reverend Merveilleux

French Room 310 – Chambre 310

French Set Free – Libre

French Sin Busters – S.O.S Peche

French Sin City – Ville Pecheresse

French Somebody Goofed - Quelqu'un S’Est Trompe!

French Somebody Loves Me – Quelqu’un M’Aime!

French That Crazy Guy! – Le Tombeur

French The Assignment – La Mission

French The Attack - L'attaque

French The Beast – La Bete

French The Big Spender - Le Grand Dépensier

French The Bull – La Tete De Lard

French The Contract! – Le Pacte!

French The Death Cookie – Le Biscuit De La Mort

French The Deceived – Trompes!

French The Devil's Night – La Nuit Du Diable

French The Dreamer – - L'Homme Aux Reves

French The Empty Tomb – Le Tombeau Vide

French The Fool – Le Fou!

French The God's Bridge to Eternal Life - Le pont de Dieu vers la vie éternelle

French The Great One – Le Grand Homme

French The Hunter – Le Chasseur

French The Letter – La Lettre

French The Little Bride – Enfant Et Fiancee

French The Little Ghost - Le Adventures De Petit Fantôme

French The Long Trip – Le Long Voyage

French The Mad Machine – Un Monde En Folie

French The Only Hope – Le Seul Espoir

French The Passover Plot – Le Complot De la Pâque

French The Promise – La Promesse

French The Secret – Le Secret

French The Sissy – Le sissy

French The Story Teller – Le Raconteur

French The Superstar - La Superstar

French The Throw Away Kid – L’Enfant Jetable

French The Trap – La Trappe

French The Trick – Halloween Le Piege

French The Visitors – Les Visteurs

French The Warning – L'avertissement

French The Way to God

French The Word Became Flesh – La Parole Faite Chair

French TheTerminator? – L’Invincible

French This Was Your Life - Le Film De Votre Vie

French Tiny Shoes – Les Petits Souliers

French Titanic – Le Titanic

French Unloved – Le Mal-Aime

French What is your Life Story?

French Why Is Mary Crying - Pourquoi Marie Pleure-t-elle

French Why No Revival? - Pourquoi N’Y A-T-IL Pas De Réveil?

French Your Big Moment – Voici Votre Moment!

French African A Love Story - Une Histoire D’ Amour

French African Creator or Liar - Createur Ou Menteur

French African Flight 144 - Vol 144

French African One Way - Le Seul Chemin

French African This Was Your Life - Le Film De Votre Vie

French African Tiny Shoes - Les Petits Souliers

French African What is your Life Story?

French Canadian Are You a Good Person?

French Tahitian This Was Your Life - Le Film De Votre Vie

Frisian The Long Trip - De Lange Wei

Frisian What's Wrong With This - Wat Doocht Hjir Net