The purpose of this website is so people will be able to read and see illustrated or comic style Christian tracts or booklets in many languages. I am mainly looking for ones in which you may read the entire tract or booklet online. I am looking for comic style magazines also. If you know of one that is not on this website, please write Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


Romanian A Demon's Nightmare - Cosmarul

Romanian A Love Story

Romanian Allah Had No Son – Allah Nu A Avut Nicium Fiu

Romanian Are You a Good Person?

Romanian Charlie's Ants – Furnicile Lui Matei

Romanian Creator or Liar? – Creator Sau Mincinos?

Romanian Earthman – Om Din Tarana

Romanian Greatest Story Ever Told – Cea Mai Minunata Veste!

Romanian Heart Trouble – Probleme Cu Inima?

Romanian Last Rites – Ultima Spovedanie

Romanian One Way! – Un Drum

Romanian Somebody Loves Me – Cineva Ma Iubeste

Romanian The Choice – Alegerea

Romanian The Empty Tomb – El Este Viu

Romanian The Long Trip – Calatoria Lunga

Romanian The Visitors – Vizitatorii

Romanian The Way to God

Romanian This Was Your Life - Aceasta A Fost Viata Ta

Romanian Tiny Shoes – Pantofiorii

Romanian What is your Life Story?

Romanian What's Wrong With This? – Ce-I Rau In Asta?

Romanian Why Is Mary Crying? – De Ce Plange Maria

Runyankore This Was Your Life - Aga Gakaba Gari Amagara Gaawe

Runyoro/Rutooro The Beast - Ekinyamaiswa

Runyoro/Rutooro The Fool - Omudomadoma

Russian Charlie's Ants

Russian A Love Story

Russian Are You a Good Person?

Russian Back from The Dead?

Russian Big Daddy?

Russian Creator or Liar?

Russian Earthman

Russian Flight 144

Russian Frame Up

Russian Greatest Story Ever Told

Russian Happy Hour

Russian Hi There!

Russian How to Get Rich

Russian How To Get To Heaven

Russian It's Who You Know

Russian Just One More

Russian Love The Jewish People

Russian Moving On Up!

Russian Room 310 - Komnata 310

Russian Set Free

Russian Somebody Goofed

Russian Somebody Loves Me

Russian Something in Common?

Russian That Crazy Guy!

Russian The Beast

Russian The Bull

Russian The Choice - Vybor

Russian The Empty Tomb – O Tumulo Vazio

Russian The Execution

Russian The Long Trip

Russian The Mad Machine

Russian The Nervous Witch

Russian The Passover Plot

Russian The Sissy?

Russian The Superstar

Russian The Thief

Russian The Visitors

Russian The Way to God

Russian The Word Became Flesh

Russian This Was Your Life - Eto Byla Tvoya Zhizn'

Russian Titanic

Russian War Games!

Russian Where's Rabbi Waxman?