The purpose of this website is so people will be able to read and see illustrated or comic style Christian tracts or booklets in many languages. I am mainly looking for ones in which you may read the entire tract or booklet online. I am looking for comic style magazines also. If you know of one that is not on this website, please write Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


Afrikaans A Love Story - ‘N Liefdesverhaal

Afrikaans Best Friend – Beste vriend

Afrikaans Birds and the Bees – Oor Die Voeltjies En Die Bye

Afrikaans Hi There! – Hallo Daar!

Afrikaans Kidnapped! - Ontvoer!

Afrikaans Positiewe Denke?

Afrikaans Reverend Wonderful – Dominee Wonderlink

Afrikaans Somebody Loves Me – Iemand is Lief Vir My

Afrikaans The Accident - Die Ongeluk

Afrikaans The Fool – Die Dwaas

Afrikaans The God's Bridge to Eternal Life - Die God se brug tot die ewige lewe

Afrikaans The Poor Little Witch – Die Arme Heksie

Afrikaans The Thief – Die Dief

Afrikaans This Was Your Life – Dit Was Jou Lewe

Afrikaans Tiny Shoes – Skoentjies

Afrikaans Wie Se Slaaf is Jy?

Albanian Caught – Kurthi

Albanian This Was Your Life – Pasqyra E Jetes Sate

Albanian A Demon's Nightmare – Makthi I Nje Demoni

Albanian A Love Story – Nje Histori Dashurie

Albanian Allah Had No Son – Allahu Nuk Kishte Djale

Albanian Are You a Good Person?

Albanian Back from The Dead? Kthim Nga Vdeja?

Albanian Flight 144 – Fluturimi 144

Albanian Four Angels? Kater Engjej?

Albanian Hi There! – Je GAti?

Albanian Is There Another Christ? – A ka Nje Tjeter Krisht?

Albanian Last Rites – Ceremonite E Fundit

Albanian One Way! – NJE Rruge!

Albanian Party Girl – Vajza E Mbremjeve

Albanian Room310 – Dhoma 310

Albanian Something in Common? – Diçka në të përbashkët?

Albanian The Last Generation – Brezi I Fundit

Albanian The Long Trip - Udhetimi I Gjate

Albanian Who Murdered Clarice? - Kush e vrau Clarice?

Amharic Free at Last

Amharic It's Your Life!

Amharic One Way!

Amharic Soul Sisters

Amharic The Assignment

Amharic This Was Your Life

Amharic Trust Me

Amharic Who Loves You?

Arabic Allah Had No Son

Arabic Are You a Good Person?

Arabic Back From The Dead

Arabic Greatest Story Ever Told

Arabic How to Get to Heaven

Arabic Is Allah Like You?

Arabic The God's Bridge to Eternal Life

Arabic The Pilgrimage

Arabic The Way to God

Arabic This Was Your Life

Arabic Your Best Life

Armenian The Choice

Armenian The Long Trip

Armenian This Was Your Life

Assyrian The Way to God

Ayacucho Quechua The Way to God

Bambara The Way to God

Bangala The Way to God

Bassa-Liberian The Way to God

Belarusian The Way to God

Bemba A Love Story

Bemba Creator or Liar

Bemba It's Your Life

Bemba The Empty Tomb

Bemba The Only Way

Bemba The Superstar

Bemba This Was Your Life

Bemba Titanic

Bemba Who Loves You

Bengali Best Friend

Bengali Set Free - Mukta Kara

Bengali The Way to God

Bengali This Was Your Life

Best Friend Hindi

Blue Hmong One Way! – Tuab Txujkev Xwb!

Blue Hmong This Was Your Life

Bulgarian A Love Story

Bulgarian Are You a Good Person?

Bulgarian Baby Talk

Bulgarian Big Daddy

Bulgarian Creator or Liar

Bulgarian Home Alone?

Bulgarian Party Girl

Bulgarian Room 310

Bulgarian Somebody Loves Me

Bulgarian Soul Survivor

Bulgarian The Bully

Bulgarian The Choice

Bulgarian The Long Trip

Bulgarian The Superstar

Bulgarian The Visitors

Bulgarian The Way to God

Bulgarian This Was Your Life

Burmese The Tycoon

Burmese The Word Became Flesh

Burmese Are You a Good Person?

Burmese Creator or Liar?

Burmese Greatest Story Ever Told

Burmese The Choice

Burmese The Empty Tomb

Burmese The Way to God

Burmese This Was Your Life

Cambodian Framed

Cambodian The Long Trip

Cambodian The Tycoon

Cambodian The Word Became Flesh

Cambodian A Love Story

Cambodian This Was Your Life

Cebuano The Empty Tomb – Ang Walay Sulod Nga Lubong

Cebuano The Fool – Ang Buang!

Cebuano The Present – Ang Gasa

Cebuano A Love Story

Cebuano Is There Another Christ - Aduna Bay Lain nga Kristo

Cebuano The Execution – Ang Pagpahamtang sa Silot

Cebuano The Thief – Ang Kawatan

Cebuano The Walking Dead – Ang Buhing Patay

Cebuano The Way to God

Cebuano There is Hope

Cebuano This Was Your Life - Kini ang Imong Kinabuhi Kaniadto!

Cebuano Tiny Shoes- Gamay Nga Sapatos

Cebuano What is your Life Story?

Cebuano What's Wrong with This? – Unay Sayop Nini?

Cebuano Why Is Mary Crying - Nganong Naghilak si Maria?

Chaldean The Way to God

Chichewa One Way – Njira Imodzi!

Chichewa Are Roman Catholics Christians? – Kodi Akatolika Ndi Akhristu?

Chichewa Going Home – Ulendo Wa Kwathu

Chichewa Last Rites – Miyambo Yomaliza

Chichewa The Beast – Chilombocho

Chichewa The Deceived – Onamizidwawo

Chichewa The Long Trip – Ulendo Wautali

Chichewa The Way to God

Chichewa This Was Your Life

Chichewa Who Loves You

Chin This Was Your Life

Chinese It’s Free

Chinese and Mandarin Back From The Dead?

Chinese and Mandarin Here He Comes!

Chinese and Mandarin Somebody Goofed

Chinese and Mandarin Somebody Loves Me

Chinese and Mandarin The Beast

Chinese and Mandarin The Long Trip

Chinese and Mandarin The Monster

Chinese and Mandarin The Outcast

Chinese and Mandarin The Present

Chinese and Mandarin The Superstar

Chinese and Mandarin Titanic

Chinese and Mandarin Who's Missing?

Chinese and Mandarin A Love Story

Chinese and Mandarin Are You a Good Person?

Chinese and Mandarin Best Friend

Chinese and Mandarin Big Daddy

Chinese and Mandarin Caught

Chinese and Mandarin Charlies’s Ants

Chinese and Mandarin Creator or Liar?

Chinese and Mandarin Earthman

Chinese and Mandarin Fallen

Chinese and Mandarin Fat Cats

Chinese and Mandarin Flight 144

Chinese and Mandarin Framed

Chinese and Mandarin Glady’s

Chinese and Mandarin God with Us

Chinese and Mandarin Greatest Story Ever Told

Chinese and Mandarin Gun Slinger

Chinese and Mandarin Hi There!

Chinese and Mandarin How To Get Rich

Chinese and Mandarin In The Beginning

Chinese and Mandarin It's Coming

Chinese and Mandarin It's The Law

Chinese and Mandarin Li'l Susy

Chinese and Mandarin Man in Black

Chinese and Mandarin One Way!

Chinese and Mandarin Payback

Chinese and Mandarin Real Heat

Chinese and Mandarin Scream

Chinese and Mandarin Sin City

Chinese and Mandarin The Accident

Chinese and Mandarin The Big Deal

Chinese and Mandarin The Choice

Chinese and Mandarin The Empty Tomb

Chinese and Mandarin The Execution

Chinese and Mandarin The First Jaws

Chinese and Mandarin The Fool

Chinese and Mandarin The God's Bridge to Eternal Life

Chinese and Mandarin The Last Judge

Chinese and Mandarin The Loser

Chinese and Mandarin The Nervous Witch

Chinese and Mandarin The Promise

Chinese and Mandarin The Scam

Chinese and Mandarin The Sissy?

Chinese and Mandarin The Thief

Chinese and Mandarin The Tycoon

Chinese and Mandarin The Warning

Chinese and Mandarin The Word Became Flesh

Chinese and Mandarin This Was Your Life

Chinese and Mandarin Trust Me

Chinese and Mandarin Who Cares?

Chinese-Simplified It's Coming

Chinese-Simplified It's The Law

Chinese-Simplified Man in Black

Chinese-Simplified Scream

Chinese-Simplified The Big Deal

Chinese-Simplified The Last Judge

Chinese-Simplified The Loser

Chinese-Simplified A Love Story

Chinese-Simplified Allah Had No Son

Chinese-Simplified Are You a Good Person?

Chinese-Simplified Best Friend

Chinese-Simplified Big Daddy?

Chinese-Simplified Caught

Chinese-Simplified Fallen

Chinese-Simplified Flight 144

Chinese-Simplified Framed

Chinese-Simplified Gladys

Chinese-Simplified God With Us

Chinese-Simplified Greatest Story Ever Told

Chinese-Simplified Gun Slinger

Chinese-Simplified Here He Comes!

Chinese-Simplified In The Beginning

Chinese-Simplified Li'l Susy

Chinese-Simplified Payback

Chinese-Simplified Real Heat

Chinese-Simplified Sin City

Chinese-Simplified The Accident

Chinese-Simplified The Choice

Chinese-Simplified The Crisis

Chinese-Simplified The Empty Tomb

Chinese-Simplified The Monster

Chinese-Simplified The Nervous Witch

Chinese-Simplified The Outcast

Chinese-Simplified The Promise

Chinese-Simplified The Scam

Chinese-Simplified The Superstar

Chinese-Simplified The Warning

Chinese-Simplified The Way to God

Chinese-Simplified The Word Became Flesh

Chinese-Simplified This Was Your Life

Chinese-Simplified Who Cares?

Chinese-Simplified Who's Missing?

Chinese-Traditional The Way to God

Creole Are You a Good Person?

Creole Creator or Liar?

Creole Is There Another Christ?

Creole Man of the Match

Creole One Way!

Creole This Was Your Life

Croatian A Love Story - Ljubavna Prica

Croatian Allah Had No Son - Allah Nije Imao Sina

Croatian Humbug - Kojestarija

Croatian Last Rites - Zadnji Obredi

Croatian Sin City - Grad Grijeha

Croatian Something in Common - Nesto Uobicajeno

Croatian The Choice - Izbor

Croatian The Long Trip - Dugi Put

Croatian This Was Your Life - Ovo je Bio Tvoj Zivot

Czech Are You a Good Person?

Czech Cleo

Czech Greatest Story Ever Told - Nejvetsi Pribeh, Ktery Jste Nekdy Rikali

Czech Hard Times - Tezke Casy

Czech Heart Trouble - Srdecni Potize

Czech Hi There - Ahoj

Czech One Way - Jednosmerny

Czech Something in Common - Neco Spolecneho

Czech The Choice - Volba

Czech The Long Trip - Dlouhy Vylet

Czech The Sissy – Sissy

Czech The Superstar - Superstar

Czech This Was Your Life - To Byl Vas Zivot

Czech Titanic - Titansky

Czech Unloved – Nemilovany

Danish A Love Story – En Kærlighedshistorie

Danish Are You a Good Person?

Danish Busted! – Pa Fersk Gerning!

Danish Charlie's Ants – Mikkels Myrer

Danish Heart Trouble – Et Nyt Hjerte

Danish Here He Comes! – Her Kommer Jesus

Danish In The Beginning – I Begyndelsen

Danish It's The Law – Det Si'r Loven

Danish Party Girl – Pas Pa Party Pige

Danish The Empty Tomb – Den Tomme Grav

Danish The Long Trip – Den Lange Rejse

Danish The Trick - Tricket

Danish The Way to God

Danish This Was Your Life - Dette Var Dit Liv

Dendi This Was Your Life

Dutch Allah Had No Son - Allah Had Geen Zoon

Dutch The Beast – Het Beest

Dutch The Choice – De Keuze

Dutch The Little Ghost – De Lange Reis

Dutch A Love Story - Een Liefdesverhaal

Dutch Are You a Good Person?

Dutch Best Friend – Beste Vfriend

Dutch Bewitched? – Behekst

Dutch Big Daddy? Oer-Opa

Dutch Boo! – Boe!

Dutch Creator or Liar? - Schepper of leugenaar?

Dutch Flight 144 – Vlucht 144

Dutch Frame Up – Het Complot

Dutch Greatest Story Ever Told – Het Ware Kerstverhaal

Dutch Happy Halloween - Fijne Halloween

Dutch Heart Trouble – Hart Problemen

Dutch Hi There! – Het is Je Tijd

Dutch How To Get To Heaven

Dutch Last Rites – De Laatste Sacramenten

Dutch Love The Jewish People – Heb Het Joodse Volk Lief

Dutch Mama's Girls - Mama's Meisjes

Dutch Mary's Kids – Maria’s Kinderen

Dutch Murph – Harrie

Dutch One Way! – Een Weg

Dutch Ransom – Losgeld

Dutch Somebody Goofed – Iemand Bedrogen

Dutch Somebody Loves Me – Iemand Houdt Van Mij

Dutch Something in Common? - Iets gemeenschappelijk?

Dutch The Attack – De Aanval

Dutch The Execution – De Execute

Dutch The Food - De Dwaas

Dutch The Long Trip – De Lange Reis

Dutch The Sissy? – De Sukkel?

Dutch The Sky Lighter – Del Hemelverlichter

Dutch The Superstar – De Superster

Dutch The Way to God

Dutch Tiny Shoes – Kleine Schoentjes

Dutch Titanic

Dutch Trust Me – Vertrouw Me

Dutch War Games – Het Oorlogsspel

Dutch What's Wrong With This? – Wat is Hier Mis Mee?

Dutch Who is He - Wie is Hij?

Dutch Why Is Mary Crying? – Waarom Huilt Maria

Dutch Why Should I? – Waarom Zou Ik?

Dzongkha Creator or Liar

Dzongkha The Way to God

Dzongkha The Word Became Flesh

English Busted!

English Kidnapped!

English The Little Bride

English The Monster

English 28 Proofs That Jesus Is God

English A Demon's Nightmare

English A Love Story

English Adopted

English All God's Creatures

English Allah Had No Son

English Almost Time

English Am I a Good Person

English And It Was Good

English Angels?

English Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn

English Are Roman Catholics Christians

English Are You a Good Person?

English Audacity Comic Tract

English Babel (can be delivered digitally)

English Baby Talk

English Back From The Dead

English Bad Bob

English Bed Time

English Best Friend

English Bewitched

English Big Daddy

English Birds and the Bees

English Boo

English Born Wild

English Burn Baby Burn

English Camel's In The Tent

English Cathy

English Cats

English Caught

English Charlie's Ants

English Cleo

English Crazy Wolf

English Creator or Liar

English Dark Dungeons

English Do Sacraments Save?

English Does The Sabbath Save?

English Does Water Save?

English Don't Read That Book!

English Doom Town

English Earthman

English Evil Eyes

English Fairy Tales

English Fallen

English Fame

English Fat Cats

English Fatal Decision

English Fire Starter?

English First Bite

English Flight 144

English Four Angels

English Frame Up

English Framed

English Free at Last

English Gay Rights Now

English Gladys

English Global Warming

English God With Us

English God's Bridge to Everlasting Life

English God's Little Angel

English Going Down

English Going Home

English Going to the Dogs

English Gold Fever

English Gomez is Coming

English Good Ol' Boys

English Gospel Comics

English Greatest Story Ever Told

English Guilty?

English Gun Slinger

English Happy Halloween

English Happy Hour

English Hard Times

English Heart of Stone

English Heart Trouble

English Hell - Motion Comic (can be delivered digitally)

English Help

English Here Comes The Judge

English Here He Comes!

English Here, Kitty Kitty!

English Hi There

English Holocaust

English Holy Joe

English Holy Night

English Home Alone

English How To Avoid Burning In Hell

English How To Get Rich

English How To Get To Heaven

English Humbug

English I See You

English In The Beginning

English Is Allah Like You

English Is There Another Christ

English It's a Deal

English It's All About You

English It's Coming

English It's Not Your Fault

English It's The Law

English It's Who You Know

English It's Your Life

English Joker Was Right

English Just One More

English Keep The Secret

English Killer Storm

English Kitty In The Window

English Kura's Ants

English Last Rites

English Let's Fly Away

English Li'l Susy

English Limited Time Offer

English Look Out

English Love That Money

English Love The Jewish People

English Mama's Girls

English Man in Black

English Man of the Match

English Mary's Kids

English Mean Momma

English Men of Peace

English Miss Universe

English Moving On Up!

English Murph

English No Fear

English No Justice

English Noah - Motion Comic (can be delivered digitally)

English One Way

English Oops

English Papa

English Party Girl

English Payback

English Plagues

English Poor Little Lamb

English Ransom

English Real Heat

English Reverend Wonderful

English Room 310

English Rotten Rodney

English Satan Comes To Salem

English Scream

English Secret of Prayer

English Set Free

English Sin Busters

English Sin City

English Sneakers

English Some Like it Hot

English Somebody Angry

English Somebody Goofed

English Somebody Loves Me

English Something in Common

English Sorry

English Soul Sisters

English Soul Story

English Soul Survivor

English Spooky

English Squatters

English Still No Revival

English Stinky

English Sunday Special

English Sunk

English Superman?

English That Crazy Guy!

English That's Baphomet

English The Accident

English The Amazing Gospel

English The Assignment

English The Attack

English The Awful Truth

English The Beast

English The Big Deal

English The Big Question

English The Big Spender

English The Brat

English The Bull

English The Bully

English The Chaplain

English The Choice

English The Christ 2 - The Announcement (can be delivered digitally)

English The Christ 3 - The Incarnation (can be delivered digitally)

English The Contract

English The Crisis

English The Crist 1 - The Prophecy (can be delivered digitally)

English The Death Cookie

English The Deceived

English The Devil's Night

English The Dirty Diamond

English The Dreamer

English The Empty Tomb

English The Execution

English The First Jaws

English The Fool

English The Gay Blade

English The God's Bridge to Eternal Life

English The Great Escape

English The Great One

English The Greatest Insult

English The Hit!

English The Hunter

English The Last Generation

English The Last Judge

English The Last Surprise

English The Letter

English The Little Ghost

English The Little Princess

English The Little Sneak

English The Long Trip

English The Loser

English The Mad Machine

English The Missing Day

English The Nervous Witch

English The Only Hope

English The Only Way

English The Outcast

English The Outsider

English The Passover Plot

English The Peace Maker

English The Pilgrimage

English The Poor Little Witch

English The Poor Revolutionist

English The Present

English The Promise

English The Royal Affair

English The Sacrifice

English The Scam

English The Scoundrel

English The Secret

English The Sissy

English The Sky Lighter

English The Slugger

English The Star

English The Story - Motion Comic (can be delivered digitally)

English The Story Teller

English The Superstar

English The Terminator?

English The Thief

English The Thing

English The Throw Away Kid

English The Traitor

English The Trap

English The Trial

English The Trick

English The True Path

English The Tycoon

English The Unwelcome Guest

English The Visitors

English The Walking Dead

English The Wall

English The Warning

English The Way to God

English The Word Became Flesh

English There Go The Dinosaurs

English There is Hope

English Things to Come

English This Was Your Life

English Tiny Shoes

English Titanic

English Trust Me

English Twin Towers

English Unforgiven

English Uninvited

English Unloved

English War Games

English War Zone

English Wassup

English What A Shame

English What About Tomorrow?

English What is your Life Story?

English What We Can Learn From Evolutionists

English What's Worse?

English What's Wrong With This?

English Where Did They Go

English Where Do I Fit In?

English Where's Rabbi Waxman?

English Where's Your Name

English Who Cares?

English Who is Allah?

English Who is He

English Who Loves You

English Who Murdered Clarice

English Who's It Gonna Be

English Who's Missing?

English Who's The Real Hater

English Why Is Mary Crying

English Why No Revival?

English Why Should I

English You Have a Date

English Your Best Life

English Your Big Moment

English _info-tract: Water Baptism

English-African A Love Story

English-African This Was Your Life

Esperanto The Choice - La Elekto

Esperanto Are You a Good Person?

Esperanto Li'l Susy - Malgranda Susio

Esperanto Sin Busters - Sensipuloj

Esperanto The Letter - La Letero

Esperanto The Little Ghost - La Malgranda Fantomo

Esperanto The Long Trip - La Longa Vojago

Esperanto The Present - La Ceestanta

Esperanto The Promise - La Promeso

Esperanto This Was Your Life - Ci Estis Via Vivo

Estonian A Love Story - Armastuse Lugu

Estonian Are You a Good Person?

Estonian Greatest Story Ever Told - Ulevam Justustus Mis Kunagi Raagitud

Estonian The Letter - Kiri

Estonian The Way to God

Estonian This Was Your Life - See Oli Sinu Elu

Euskara This Was Your Life - Hau Izan Zen Zure Bizitza

Ewe The Way to God

Faroese Creator or Liar - Skapari Ella Lygnari

Farsi This Was Your Life

Fijian The Way to God

Fijian This Was Your Life - Oqo Na Nomo Bula E Liu

Fijian Hindi The Way to God

Filipino The Letter – Sulat

Filipino The Loser – Ang Talunan

Filipino A Love Story – Isang Kuwento ng Pag-ibig

Filipino Back From The Dead? – Pagbabalik Mula Sa Mga Patay?

Filipino Best Friend – Matalik Na Kaibigan

Filipino Caught – Huli Ka

Filipino Charlie's Ants - Ang mga Langgam ni Carlo

Filipino Creator or Liar? – Maylikha o Sinungaling?

Filipino Fallen – Napahamak!

Filipino Fat Cats – Matatabang Pusa

Filipino Fatal Decision – Nakapahamak Na Desisyon

Filipino Flight 144 – Flayt 144

Filipino Framed – Maling Paratang!

Filipino Gladys – Gladys

Filipino God With Us – Sumaatin Ang Dios

Filipino Good Ol' Boys- Ang Samahan

Filipino Greatest Story Ever Told - Ang Pinakadakilang Kasaysayan

Filipino Guilty? – Nagkasala

Filipino Gun Slinger – Mabilis Sa Baril

Filipino Heart Trouble - Problema sa Puso

Filipino Here He Comes! – Heto Na Siya!

Filipino Holy Joe – Edong Banal

Filipino How To Get Rich – Papaano Yumaman

Filipino I See You! – Kitang Kita Kita!

Filipino In The Beginning – Sa Pasimula

Filipino Is There Another Christ - Mayroon Kayang Ibang Cristo

Filipino It's Coming – Parating Na!

Filipino It's The Law - Iyan ang Batas

Filipino Just One More – Isa Pa Nga

Filipino Kitty In The Window – Kuting Sa May Bintana

Filipino Last Rites - Huling Ritwal

Filipino Man in Black – Ang Lalaking Nakaitim

Filipino Murph – Sarge

Filipino No Fear? – Dika Ba Takot?

Filipino One Way! – Bukod Tanging Daan

Filipino Papa - Santo Papa

Filipino Payback – Ang Kabayaran!

Filipino Real Heat – Ang Tunay Na Init

Filipino Scream – Hiyaw!

Filipino Set Free – Pinalaya

Filipino Sin City – Lunsod Ng Kasalanan

Filipino Some Like it Hot – Gusto Ng Ilan Ay Mainit

Filipino Somebody Loves Me – May Nagmamahal Sa Akin

Filipino The Accident – Ang Aksidente

Filipino The Beast – Ang Halimaw

Filipino The Big Deal – Ang Pinakamagandang Transakyon

Filipino The Big Spender – Ang Taong Bulagsak

Filipino The Bull – Ang Astig

Filipino The Bully – Ang Maton

Filipino The Choice - Ang Pagpipilian

Filipino The Contract! – Ang Kontrata

Filipino The Empty Tomb – Ang Libingang Walang Laman

Filipino The Greatest Insult – Ang Sukdulang Paghamak

Filipino The Last Judge – Ang Huling Hukom

Filipino The Long Trip - Ang Mahabang Paglalakbay

Filipino The Monster - Ang Halimaw

Filipino The Nervous Witch – Ang Kakaba-Kabang Mangkukulam

Filipino The Outcast – Ang Patapon

Filipino The Present – Ang Relago

Filipino The Promise – Ang Pangako

Filipino The Scam – Ang Pangdaraya

Filipino The Warning - Ang Babala

Filipino There is Hope - Mayroong Pag-asa

Filipino This Was Your Life - Ito ang Naging Buhay Mo

Filipino Tiny Shoes - Maliliit na Sapatos

Filipino Titanic – Titanic

Filipino Where's Your Name? – Nasaan Ang Iyong Pangalan?

Filipino Who Cares? – Sino Ang Nagmamalasakit?

Filipino Who is He? – Sino Ba Siya

Filipino Who's Missing? – Sino’ng Nawawala?

Filipino Why Is Mary Crying - Bakit Lumuluha si Maria

Finnish Are You a Good Person?

Finnish The First Jaws - Ensimmainen Tappajahai

Finnish The Little Ghost - Pikku Kummitus

Finnish The Way to God

Finnish This Was Your Life - Tama Oli Elamasi

French Angels? – Anges?

French A Demon's Nightmare - Un Cauchemar Des Démon

French A Love Story - Une Histoire D’ Amour

French Allah Had No Son - Allah N'avait Pas de Fils

French Are Roman Catholics Christians? - Les Catholiques Romains Sont-ils Chrétiens?

French Are You a Good Person?

French Back From The Dead? - Revenu D'entre Les Morts?

French Big Daddy? – Notre Ancetre?

French Birds and the Bees - Des Abeilles Et Les Fleurs

French Charlie's Ants - Les Fourmis De Charly

French Crazy Wolf - Loup Fou

French Creator or Liar - Createur Ou Menteur

French Earthman - L'Homme De La Terre

French Evil Eyes - Le Mauvais Yeux

French Fat Cats - Les Grosses Legumes

French Fire Starter? – Le Feu Devorant

French Flight 144 – Vol 144

French Frame Up – Un Coup Monte

French Going Home – En Route Pour La Maison

French Going to the Dogs - Aller Donc Aux Chiens!

French Greatest Story Ever Told - L’Histoire La Plus Merveilleuse

French Happy Halloween – Joyeux Halloween

French Happy Hour – Heure Joyeuse

French Hi There! – Je T’attends!

French Holy Joe – Le Petit Saint

French How To Get Rich - Comment Devenir Riche

French In The Beginning – Au Commencement

French Is There Another Christ? - Y a-t-il un Autre Christ?

French It's Coming – IL Va Pleuvoir!

French It's Your Life - C'est Ta Vie

French Last Rites – Les Derniers Sacrements

French Love The Jewish People - Aimez Le Peuple Juif

French Man of the Match – Homme Du Match

French Miss Universe - Miss Univers

French One Way! – Le Seul Chemin

French Plagues – Les Dix Plaies

French Reverend Wonderful – Le Reverend Merveilleux

French Room 310 – Chambre 310

French Set Free – Libre

French Sin Busters – S.O.S Peche

French Sin City – Ville Pecheresse

French Somebody Goofed - Quelqu'un S’Est Trompe!

French Somebody Loves Me – Quelqu’un M’Aime!

French That Crazy Guy! – Le Tombeur

French The Assignment – La Mission

French The Attack - L'attaque

French The Beast – La Bete

French The Big Spender - Le Grand Dépensier

French The Bull – La Tete De Lard

French The Contract! – Le Pacte!

French The Death Cookie – Le Biscuit De La Mort

French The Deceived – Trompes!

French The Devil's Night – La Nuit Du Diable

French The Dreamer – - L'Homme Aux Reves

French The Empty Tomb – Le Tombeau Vide

French The Fool – Le Fou!

French The God's Bridge to Eternal Life - Le pont de Dieu vers la vie éternelle

French The Great One – Le Grand Homme

French The Hunter – Le Chasseur

French The Letter – La Lettre

French The Little Bride – Enfant Et Fiancee

French The Little Ghost - Le Adventures De Petit Fantôme

French The Long Trip – Le Long Voyage

French The Mad Machine – Un Monde En Folie

French The Only Hope – Le Seul Espoir

French The Passover Plot – Le Complot De la Pâque

French The Promise – La Promesse

French The Secret – Le Secret

French The Sissy – Le sissy

French The Story Teller – Le Raconteur

French The Superstar - La Superstar

French The Throw Away Kid – L’Enfant Jetable

French The Trap – La Trappe

French The Trick – Halloween Le Piege

French The Visitors – Les Visteurs

French The Warning – L'avertissement

French The Way to God

French The Word Became Flesh – La Parole Faite Chair

French TheTerminator? – L’Invincible

French This Was Your Life - Le Film De Votre Vie

French Tiny Shoes – Les Petits Souliers

French Titanic – Le Titanic

French Unloved – Le Mal-Aime

French What is your Life Story?

French Why Is Mary Crying - Pourquoi Marie Pleure-t-elle

French Why No Revival? - Pourquoi N’Y A-T-IL Pas De Réveil?

French Your Big Moment – Voici Votre Moment!

French African A Love Story - Une Histoire D’ Amour

French African Creator or Liar - Createur Ou Menteur

French African Flight 144 - Vol 144

French African One Way - Le Seul Chemin

French African This Was Your Life - Le Film De Votre Vie

French African Tiny Shoes - Les Petits Souliers

French African What is your Life Story?

French Canadian Are You a Good Person?

French Tahitian This Was Your Life - Le Film De Votre Vie

Frisian The Long Trip - De Lange Wei

Frisian What's Wrong With This - Wat Doocht Hjir Net

Gallego This Was Your Life - Esta Foi A Tua Vida

Georgian This Was Your Life - Es Iq’o Sheni Tskhovreba

German Flight 144 – Flug 144

German The Nervous Witch – Hexe In Not

German A Demon's Nightmare, A - Albtraum Ein Dämons

German Allah Had No Son - Allah Hatte Keinen Sohn

German Are Roman Catholics Christians? - Sind Katholiken Christen?

German Are You a Good Person?

German Baby Talk – Das Babythema

German Back From The Dead? – Von Den Toten Zurück?

German Bad Bob! – Edward Das Ekel

German Best Friend – Der Beste Freund

German Bewitched? – Verhext?

German Big Daddy - Dein Papi

German Boo! – Der Spuk

German Busted – Ertappt!

German Caught – Ins Netz Gegangen!

German Charlie's Ants - Rudis Ameisen

German Cleo – Trixi

German Creator or Liar - Schopfer Oder Lugner

German Doom Town – Damals In Sodom

German Earthman – Aus Erde Gemacht

German Fatal Decision - Fataler Fehler

German Fire Starter? – Feuer Fiel Vom Himmel

German First Bite – Geboren An Hallowen

German First Jaws – Ein Weisser Hai

German Four Angels? – Vier Engel?

German Framed – Die Intrige

German Free at Last – Fre!

German Global Warming - Globale Erwarmung

German God With Us – Gott Mit Uns

German Going Down - Nach Unten

German Going Home – Nach Hause

German Good Ol' Boys – Gute Kumpel?

German Greatest Story Ever Told - Die Grösste Geschichte Aller Zeiten

German Gun Slinger - Pistolero

German Happy Halloween - Frohliches Halloween

German Happy Hour - Die Happy Hour

German Heart Trouble – Herz Schmerz?

German Here, Kitty Kitty! – Miez-Miez Komm Her!

German Hi There - Halli-Hallo

German Holocaust – Holocaust

German Holy Joe - Der Fromme Hans

German Honest Humility vs Pious Perfection

German How To Get Rich - Wie Man Reich Wird (Und Bleibt)

German How To Get To Heaven

German Humbug! - Humbug!

German In The Beginning – Der Anfang

German Is There Another Christ? - Gibt Es Einen Anderen Christus

German It's Coming – Die Weiteren Aussichten

German It's The Law – Das Ist Gesetz!

German It’s Free

German Just One More - Einer Geht Noch

German Killer Storm – Todliches Unwetter

German Last Rites – Letzte Olung

German Li'l Susy – Klein’ Evi

German Love That Money - Mein Geliebtes Geld

German Love The Jewish People – Liebe Das Judische Volk

German Man in Black – Mann In Schwarz

German Miss Universe - Miss Universum

German Moving On Up! – Schon Viel Besser!

German Murph – Harry

German No Fear? – Null Angst?

German Only Two Religions

German Party Girl - Das Partyluder

German Poor Little Lamb – Armes Kleines Lamm

German Ransom – Losegeld

German Real Heat – Echt Heiss

German Room 310 - Zimmer 310

German Secret of Prayer - Das Geheimnis Des Gebets

German Set Free – Endlich Fre!

German Sin City – Total Normal

German Somebody Goofed – Uberlistet

German Somebody Loves Me - Einer Liebt Mich

German Something in Common - Sind Wir Alle Gleich

German Soul Survivor - Rette Deine Seele

German Superman? – Superman

German The Accident – Der Zufall

German The Assignment – Die Bestimmung

German The Attack – Die Attacke

German The Beast – Das Tier

German The Big Deal – Der Superdeal

German The Big Spender – Der Zocker

German The Bull – Der Bulle

German The Chaplain – Der Kaplan

German The Choice - Die Entscheidung

German The Contract – Der Vertrag

German The Death Cookie – Hokus Pokus

German The Deceived – Die Betrogenen

German The Devil's Night – Die Horrornacht

German The Dirty Diamond - Der Dreckige Diamant

German The Empty Tomb – Das Leere Grab

German The Execution – Die Hinrichtung

German The Fool - Der Narr

German The God's Bridge to Eternal Life - Die Brücke des Gottes zum ewigen Leben

German The Great Escape – Der Einzige Ausweg

German The Great One - Das Genie

German The Hit – Mafia Methoden

German The Last Generation – Die Letzte Generation

German The Letter – Der Brief

German The Little Bride – Die Kleine Braut

German The Little Ghost – Das Kleine Gespenst

German The Little Princess – Sandras Grosster Wunsch

German The Long Trip - Die Lange Reise

German The Mad Machine - Die Klapsmuhle

German The Only Hope - Die Einzige Hoffnung

German The Outcast – Verstossen

German The Outsider – Die Auslanderin

German The Peace Maker – Der Friedensstifter

German The Pilgrimage – Die Pilgerreise

German The Present - Das Geschenk

German The Promise – Die Verheissung

German The Royal Affair – Der Seitensprung

German The Scoundrel – Der Halunke

German The Sissy - Der Schwachling

German The Sky Lighter - Der Den Himmel Erhellte

German The Superstar- Der Abstauber

German The Thief - Der Dieb

German The Traitor – Kali-Ma

German The Trap – Die Falle

German The Trial – Der Prozess

German The Tycoon – Der Magnat

German The Warning – Die Warnung

German The Way to God

German The Word Became Flesh - Das Wort Wurde Fleisch

German There Go The Dinosaurs – Der Letzte Dinosaurier

German This Was Your Life - Das War Dein Leben

German Tiny Shoes – KinderSchuhe

German Titanic

German Trust Me - Vertrau Mir

German Unforgiven? – Ohne Vergebung?

German Unloved - Ungeliebt

German War Zone – Kriegsgebiet

German What's Wrong With This? - Was ist daran falsch?

German Who Cares? – Terror Ohne Ende?

German Who is He - Hast Du Ihn Erkant

German Who Murdered Clarice? – Wer Hat Klarissa Umgebracht?

German Whose Slave Are You?

German Why Is Mary Crying? – Warum Weint Maria?

German Why No Revival? - Warum Kommt Keine Erweckung?

German You Have a Date - Du Hast Eine Verabredung

Goan Konkani - Roman The Way to God

Greek A Love Story - Mia Istoría Agápis

Greek Big Daddy - Megalos Bampas

Greek Creator or Liar - Dimiourgos i Liarchos

Greek Heart Trouble - Kardiako Provlima

Greek One Way - Enas Tropos

Greek Somebody Goofed - Kapoios Pige

Greek Somebody Loves Me - Kapoios Me Agapa

Greek The Fool - O Chazos

Greek The Long Trip - To Makrino Taxidi

Greek The Mad Machine - Tin Treli Michani

Greek The Outcast - To Aporrito

Greek The Superstar - To Souper Star

Greek The Thief - O Kleftis

Greek The Trial - I Dokimasia

Greek The Tycoon - Ton Megistana

Greek This Was Your Life - Afti Itan i Zoi Sou

Greenlandic Happy Hour - Akunneq Nuannersoq

Greenlandic One Way - Aqqut Ataaseq

Greenlandic Set Free - Qilerutaajarpaa

Greenlandic This Was Your Life - Inuunippit Filmia

Gujarati One Way - Eka Rasto

Gujarati The Way to God

Gujarati This Was Your Life - A Tamarum Jivana Hatum

Haitian Wordless Gospel - Bon Levanjil

Haitian Creole What is your Life Story?

Hausa The Deceived - Yaudararu

Hausa The Story Teller - Mai Bada Labari

Hausa This Was Your Life – Wannan Ne Rayuwanka Na Da

Hausa Why Is Mary Crying - Donme Maryamu Ke Kuka

Hebrew Creator or Liar?

Hebrew Here He Comes!

Hebrew Holy Joe

Hebrew Love Story, A

Hebrew Love The Jewish People

Hebrew Promise, The

Hebrew Room 310

Hebrew Royal Affair, The

Hebrew This Was Your Life

Hebrew Where's Rabbi Waxman?

Herero The Way to God

Hiligaynon Set Free - Hinilway

Hiligaynon The Way to God

Hiligaynon There is Hope

Hindi Big Daddy?

Hindi Charlie's Ants

Hindi Cleo

Hindi Creator or Liar?

Hindi Men of Peace?

Hindi No Fear?

Hindi One Way!

Hindi Set Free

Hindi Somebody Loves Me

Hindi The Dirty Diamond

Hindi The Execution

Hindi The Fool

Hindi The Last Judge - Antim Nyaayaadheesh

Hindi The Little Bride

Hindi The Little Ghost

Hindi The Long Trip

Hindi The Pilgrimage

Hindi The Present

Hindi The Sky Lighter

Hindi The Thief

Hindi The Traitor

Hindi The True Path

Hindi The Way to God

Hindi The Word Became Flesh

Hindi This Was Your Life - Yah Tumhaara Jeevan Tha

Hindi Trust Me

Hindi Unloved

Hindi What's Wrong with This?

Hindi Who Cares?

Huichol This Was Your Life

Hungarian Are You a Good Person?

Hungarian Bad Bob! – Undorito Eddy!

Hungarian Big Daddy? – Nagypapi?

Hungarian Last Rites – Utolso Kenet!

Hungarian Man in Black – Ferfiak Feketeben

Hungarian No Fear? – Nincs Gaz?

Hungarian One Way! – Egy Ut

Hungarian Somebody Goofed – Valaki Elszurta

Hungarian The Choice – A Dontes

Hungarian The Fool – A Bolond!

Hungarian The Long Trip – Hosszu Utazas

Hungarian The Only Hope – Az Egyetlen Remenyseg

Hungarian The Thief – A Tolvaj

Hungarian The Way to God

Hungarian This Was Your Life – Ez Volt Az Eleted!

Hungarian Tiny Shoes – Gyerekcipo

Hungarian Titanic – Titanik

Hungarian Trust Me – Bizz Bennem!

Hungarian Why Is Mary Crying - Miert Sir Maria

Icelandic Freedom from Fear

Icelandic Gun Slinger - Byssubrandur

Icelandic It’s Free

Icelandic Positive Thinking

Icelandic Science vs. Evolution

Icelandic The Execution - Aftakan

Icelandic This Was Your Life - Petta Var Pitt Lif

Ilocano Is There Another Christ - Adda Cadi Pay Sabali a Cristo

Ilocano There is Hope

Ilocano This Was Your Life - Mabalin Nga Kastoy Ti Biag Mo Idi

Ilocano Why Is Mary Crying - Apay Nga Agsangsangit ni Maria

Ilokano The Way to God

Indonesian Flight 144 – Penerbangan 144

Indonesian A Love Story – Cerita Kasih

Indonesian Allah Had No Son

Indonesian Are You a Good Person?

Indonesian Framed – Jebakan

Indonesian Greatest Story Ever Told - Kisah Teragung Yang Pernah Diceritakan

Indonesian Here He Comes! – Dia Datang!

Indonesian In The Beginning – Pada Mulanya

Indonesian It's Coming – Yang Akan Datang!

Indonesian It's The Law – Undang-Undang

Indonesian Men of Peace? – Manusia-Manusia Pembawa Dama?

Indonesian No Fear? – Tak Gentar

Indonesian Sin City – Kota Dosa

Indonesian Somebody Loves Me – Seseorang Mengasihiku

Indonesian The Big Deal – Perkara Yang Besar

Indonesian The Loser – Orang Yang Kalah

Indonesian The Outcast – Orang Buangan

Indonesian The Present – Hadiah

Indonesian The Promise – Janji

Indonesian The Scam – Penipuan

Indonesian The Warning – Berbahaya Peringatan

Indonesian The Way to God

Indonesian The Word Became Flesh – Firman Menjadi Daging

Indonesian This Was Your Life – Inilah Kehidupanimu Dahulu!

Indonesian Why Is Mary Crying? – Mengapa Maria Menangis

Inuit This Was Your Life

Irish This Was Your Life - Ba I Seo Do Bheatha

Italian A Love Story – Una Storia D’Amore

Italian Are Roman Catholics Christians? – I Cattolici Sono Cristiani?

Italian Back from The Dead? – Tornato Dalla Mote?

Italian Creator or Liar? – Creatore O Bugiardo?

Italian Flight 144 – Volo 144

Italian Greatest Story Ever Told – La Piu Grande Storia Mai Raccontata

Italian Hi There! – Salve!

Italian How To Get To Heaven

Italian Is There Another Christ? – Esiste Forse Un’Altro Cristo?

Italian It’s Free

Italian Last Rites – L’Estrema Unzione

Italian Room 310 = Stanza 310

Italian The Choice – La Scelta

Italian The Mad Machine – La Macchina Pazza

Italian The Only Hope – L’Unica Speranza

Italian The Superstar – IL Campione

Italian The Way to God

Italian The Word Became Flesh – La Parola Estatafatta Carne

Italian This Was Your Life - Questa Era La Tua Vita

Italian Who is He? – Chi E Lui?

Italian Why Is Mary Crying? – Perche Piange Maria

Japanese A Love Story - A Rabusutori

Japanese Are You a Good Person?

Japanese Big Daddy?

Japanese Creator or Liar? - Sakusei-sha Matawa Usotsuki?

Japanese Greatest Story Ever Told

Japanese In The Beginning

Japanese It's Coming

Japanese It's The Law

Japanese Love The Jewish People

Japanese Something in Common?

Japanese The Beast

Japanese The Choice

Japanese The Execution

Japanese The Letter

Japanese The Long Trip

Japanese The Slugger - Suragga

Japanese The Tycoon

Japanese The Way to God

Japanese The Word Became Flesh

Japanese This Was Your Life - Kore Wa Anata No Jinseidatta

Japanese Titanic

Japanese Unloved

Kannada A Love Story - A Rabusutori

Kannada Creator or Liar - Sozonushi Matawa Usotsuki

Kannada One Way - Ippotsuko

Kannada This Was Your Life - Kore Wa Anata No Jinseidatta

Kannada - Kanarese The Way to God

Kaonde The Way to God

Kapampangan This Was Your Life - Ini Ing Kekang Meging Bie

Karen Greatest Story Ever Told

Karen The Empty Tomb

Karen The Word Became Flesh

Karen S’gah The Way to God

Kekchi This Was Your Life - Jo Cue Xcuan La Yu Am

Kelenjin The Way to God

Khmer Are You a Good Person?

Kimeru Kenya The Way to God

Kinandi The Way to God

Kinshasa-Lingala The Way to God

Kinyarwanda - Runyarwanda The Way to God

Kirundi The Way to God

Kiswahili Are You a Good Person?

Kiswahili The Way to God

Kituba The Way to God

Konkani This Was Your Life

Korean Are You a Good Person?

Korean Big Daddy?

Korean Charlie's Ants

Korean Flight 144

Korean Gomez is Coming

Korean Greatest Story Ever Told

Korean Last Rites

Korean Party Girl

Korean The Choice

Korean The Letter

Korean The Long Trip - Gin Yeohaeng

Korean The Only Hope

Korean The Slugger

Korean The Way to God

Korean This Was Your Life - Igeos-eun Dangsin-ui Salm-ieossseubnida

Korean Titanic

K’ekchi The Way to God

Lamba Creator or Liar - Umulengeshi Neli Uwabufi

Lamba It's Your Life! – Mweo Owe!

Lamba This Was Your Life – Uyu E Wali Mweo Obe!

Lao A Love Story

Lao Creator or Liar?

Lao The Word Became Flesh - Word Became Flesh

Lao This Was Your Life

Latvian Are You a Good Person?

Latvian This Was Your Life - Tavas Dzives Stasts

Lepcha The Way to God

Lingala Are You a Good Person?

Lingala Back From The Dead - Mokufi Azongi Na Bomoi

Lingala Heart Trouble - Motema Mpasi

Lingala The Choice - Liponeli (Le Choix)

Lingala The Long Trip - Mobembo Molai

Lingala The Warning - Likebisi

Lingala This Was Your Life - Oyo Bomoi Na Yo

Lingala Tiny Shoes - Sapato Mike

Lithuanian A Love Story - Meiles Istorija

Lithuanian Heart Trouble – Sirdies Yda

Lithuanian One Way! – Vienas Kelias!

Lithuanian The Way to God

Lithuanian This Was Your Life - Tai Buvo Tavo Gyvenimas

Lithuanian Why Is Mary Crying - Kodel Marija Verkia

Low German This Was Your Life - Dit Wia Dien Laewen

Lozi The Way to God

Luganda The Way to God

Luganda This Was Your Life - Buno Bwe Bwali Obulamu Bwo

Lunda It's Your Life - Hiwumi Weyi

Luvale It's Your Life - Mwono Kana Wove

Luvale This Was Your Life - Dat War Dai Liewen

Luxembourgian Back from The Dead? – Vun Den Douden Zereck?

Luyia The Way to God

Maasai African Picture Gospel

Maasai One Way - Nabo Engoitoi

Macedonian This Was Your Life - Ova Bese Tvojot Zivot

Maithili This Was Your Life

Makonde This Was Your Life - Mwashivalalele Shingumi Shako Wako

Malagasy One Way - Ny Lalana Tokana

Malagasy The Way to God

Malagasy This Was Your Life - Ny Tsiahin Ny Fiainanao

Malayalam Big Daddy?

Malayalam Charlie's Ants

Malayalam Cleo

Malayalam Set Free

Malayalam The Choice

Malayalam This Was Your Life - Ita? Nin?e Jivitam

Malayalam Unloved

Maltese This Was Your Life - Din Kienet Hajtek

Maltese A Love Story- A Love Story

Maltese Something in Common - Xi Haga Fil-Komuni

Maltese Trust Me - Afdani

Mandinka The Way to God

Marathi The Way to God

Marathi This Was Your Life - He Apale Jivana Hote

Marathi Tiny Shoes - Laghu Suja

Marquesan This Was Your Life - Te Ata O To Otou Pohue

Marshallese A Love Story- Juon Bwebwenato In Yokwe

Marshallese One Way - Juon Wot Ial

Marshallese Somebody Loves Me - Eor Juon Ej Yokwe Io

Marshallese The Visitors - Ro Dri Lotok

Marshallese The Way to God

Marshallese This Was Your Life - E Kar Ein Drein Mour Eo Am

Ma’di The Way to God

Miskito The Way to God

Moldavian Holy Joe

Mongolian The Way to God

Mongolian This Was Your Life - Ene Bol Chinii Amidral Baisan Yum

Mongolian Cyrillic Set Free

Mongolian Cyrillic The Word Became Flesh

Mongolian Cyrillic This Was Your Life

Ncam - Bassar The Way to God

Ndau The Way to God

Nepali Charlie's Ants

Nepali Creator or Liar - Sirjanakarta Va Lira

Nepali Real Heat

Nepali The Choice

Nepali The Long Trip

Nepali The Tycoon

Nepali The Way to God

Nepali The Word Became Flesh

Nepali This Was Your Life

New Guinea Wordless Gospel

Newari This Was Your Life

Ngakarimojong The Way to God

Ngiemboon This Was Your Life

Norwegian A Demon's Nightmare – En Demons Mareritt

Norwegian A Love Story – En Kjaerlighets Historie

Norwegian Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn – Aper,Logner, Og Frk Honne

Norwegian Are Roman Catholics Christians - Er Katolikkene Kristhe

Norwegian Are You a Good Person?

Norwegian Bad Bob! – Onde Bob

Norwegian Best Friend – Beste Venn

Norwegian Big Daddy? – Var Stamfar

Norwegian Book – Bo

Norwegian Busted! – Tatt Pa Fersk Gjerning!

Norwegian Caught – Fanget!

Norwegian Charlie's Ants – Mikkel’s Maurer

Norwegian Creator or Liar? – Skaper Eller Logner?

Norwegian Feeling Labeled?

Norwegian Flight 144 – Flight 144

Norwegian Framed – Falsk Anklaget

Norwegian Greatest Story Ever Told – En Fantastisk Historie

Norwegian Hi There! – Hallo Der!

Norwegian Holy Joe – Hellige Joe

Norwegian In The Beginning – I Begynnelsen

Norwegian Kidnapped! – Kidnapet

Norwegian Li'l Susy – Lille Sussane

Norwegian No Fear? – Ingen Frykt?

Norwegian One Way! – En Vei

Norwegian Sin City – Syndens By

Norwegian Somebody Loves Me - Noen Elsker Meg

Norwegian Something in Common? – Noe Felles?

Norwegian The Attack – Angrepet

Norwegian The Big Deal - Et Kjempe Tilbud!

Norwegian The Bull – Oksen

Norwegian The Choice – Valget

Norwegian The Contract! – Kontrakten!

Norwegian The Empty Tomb – Den Tomme Graven

Norwegian The Fool – Narren

Norwegian The Letter – Brevet

Norwegian The Little Bride – Den Lille Bruden

Norwegian The Little Ghost – Det Lille Spokelse

Norwegian The Long Trip – Den Lange Reisen

Norwegian The Mad Machine – Galskapsmaskinen

Norwegian The Present – Gaven

Norwegian The Promise – Loftet

Norwegian The Sissy - Pysa

Norwegian The Superstar – Superstjernen

Norwegian The Visitors – De Besokende

Norwegian The Way to God

Norwegian The Word Became Flesh – Ordet Ble Menneske

Norwegian This Was Your Life – Slik Var Ditt Liv!

Norwegian Trust Me – Stol Pa Meg!

Norwegian Unloved – Avvist

Norwegian Why Is Mary Crying? – Hvorfor Grater Maria?

Norwegian Why No Revival? – Hvorfor Ingen Vekkelse?

Nyaneka The Way to God

Odia The Way to God

Odia - Oriya The Way to God

Oriya This Was Your Life

Oriya Tiny Shoes

Panjabi - Persian Script This Was Your Life

Papiamentu Are You a Good Person?

Papiamentu This Was Your Life - Esaki Tabata Bo Bida

Pidgin It's Your Life - Laip Bilong Yu I Bin Olsem

Pidgin This Was Your Life - Laip Bilong Yu I Bin Olsem

Polish A Demon's Nightmare – Kozmar Demonow

Polish A Love Story – Wielka Milosc

Polish Are Roman Catholics Christians? – Czy Rzymscy Katolicy Sa Chrze?cijanami?

Polish Are You a Good Person?

Polish Bed Time – Czas Spac

Polish Bewitched? – Zniewolona?

Polish Big Daddy? – Prao Jciec

Polish Creator or Liar? – Stworzyciel Cyz Oszust?

Polish Holy Night – Swieta Noc

Polish Is There Another Christ? – Czy Instnieje Inny Chrystus?

Polish Keep The Secret – Nie Mow Nikomu

Polish Kitty in The Window – Kotek W Oknie

Polish Last Rites – Ostante Namasczenie

Polish Mary's Kids – Dzieci Marii

Polish Murph – Michal

Polish One Way! – Droga Jedyna

Polish Room 310 – Pokoj 310

Polish Somebody Loves Me – Ktos Minie Kocha

Polish The Choice – Wybor

Polish The Death Cookie – Ciastko Smierci

Polish The Devil's Night – Noc Duchow

Polish The Empty Tomb – Pusty Grob

Polish The Great One – Wspanialy

Polish The Letter – List

Polish The Little Ghost – Maly Duszek

Polish The Little Princess

Polish The Long Trip – Dluga Podroz

Polish The Only Hope – Jedyna Nadzieja

Polish The Present – Prezent

Polish The Sissy? – Mieczak?

Polish The Superstar – Mistrz

Polish The Way to God

Polish This Was Your Life - Takie Bylo Twoje Zycie

Polish Titanic – Titanic

Polish Why Is Mary Crying? – Dlaczego Maria Placze?

Portuguese The Crisis – A Crise

Portuguese A Love Story - Uma Historia De Amor

Portuguese Are Roman Catholics Christians? – Os Catolicos Romanos Sao Critaos?

Portuguese Are You a Good Person?

Portuguese Back from The Dead? – Voltando Da Morte?

Portuguese Best Friend – Quem E O Seu Melhor Amigo?

Portuguese Bewitched? – Enfeiticada

Portuguese Big Daddy? – Papai?

Portuguese Charlie's Ants – As Formigas Do Carlos

Portuguese Creator or Liar? – Criador Ou Mentiroso

Portuguese Doom Town – A Cidade Condenada

Portuguese Earthman – O Homemterra

Portuguese Framed – Traido

Portuguese Going Home – Indo Para O Lar

Portuguese Gun Slinger – O Pistoleiro

Portuguese Hi There! – El Voce Al!

Portuguese Holy Joe – O Santinho

Portuguese In The Beginning – No Principio

Portuguese Is Allah Like You? – Sera Que Ala E Igual A Voce?

Portuguese Is There Another Christ? – Ha Outro Cristo?

Portuguese It's Coming – Esta Vindo!

Portuguese It's The Law – E A Lei

Portuguese Killer Storm – A Tempestade Assassina

Portuguese Last Rites – Extrema Uncao

Portuguese Love The Jewish People - Ame O Povo Judeu

Portuguese Moving On Up! – Subindo!

Portuguese No Fear? – Se Medo?

Portuguese One Way! – O Unico Caminho

Portuguese Party Girl – A Farrista

Portuguese Room 310 – Quarto 310

Portuguese Sin City – A Cidade Do Pecado

Portuguese Somebody Goofed – Alguem Falhou

Portuguese Somebody Loves Me – Alguem Me Ama

Portuguese Soul Sisters – Quem E O Seu Melhor Amigo?

Portuguese The Beast – A Besta

Portuguese The Big Deal – O Grande Negocio

Portuguese The Choice - A Escolha

Portuguese The Death Cookie – O Biscoito Da Morte

Portuguese The Dreamer – O Sonhador

Portuguese The Empty Tomb – O Tumulo Vazio

Portuguese The Fool – O Bobo!

Portuguese The Great Escape – A Grande Fuga!

Portuguese The Last Judge – O Ultimo Juiz

Portuguese The Little Ghost – O Fantasminha

Portuguese The Long Trip – Uma Longa Viagem

Portuguese The Loser – O Perdedor

Portuguese The Mad Machine – A Fabrica De Malucos

Portuguese The Nervous Witch – A Feiticeira Rabugenta

Portuguese The Outcast – A Rejeitada

Portuguese The Present – O Presente

Portuguese The Promise – A Promessa

Portuguese The Royal Affair – O Caso Do Rei

Portuguese The Scam – A Trapaca

Portuguese The Sissy – O Covarde?

Portuguese The Superstar - O Astro

Portuguese The Thing – A Coisa

Portuguese The Trap – A Armadilha

Portuguese The Visitors – Os Visitantes

Portuguese The Way to God

Portuguese This Was Your Life - Esta Foi A Sua Vida

Portuguese Tiny Shoes – Sapatinhos

Portuguese Titanic – Titanic

Portuguese Trust Me – Confie Em Mimi!

Portuguese Uninvited – Nao Convidado

Portuguese What is your Life Story?

Portuguese Why Is Mary Crying? – Por Que Maria Chora?

Portuguese Word Became Flesh, The – O Verbo

Portuguese-African This Was Your Life - Esta Foi A Sua Vida

Punjabi Are You a Good Person?

Romanian A Demon's Nightmare - Cosmarul

Romanian A Love Story

Romanian Allah Had No Son – Allah Nu A Avut Nicium Fiu

Romanian Are You a Good Person?

Romanian Charlie's Ants – Furnicile Lui Matei

Romanian Creator or Liar? – Creator Sau Mincinos?

Romanian Earthman – Om Din Tarana

Romanian Greatest Story Ever Told – Cea Mai Minunata Veste!

Romanian Heart Trouble – Probleme Cu Inima?

Romanian Last Rites – Ultima Spovedanie

Romanian One Way! – Un Drum

Romanian Somebody Loves Me – Cineva Ma Iubeste

Romanian The Choice – Alegerea

Romanian The Empty Tomb – El Este Viu

Romanian The Long Trip – Calatoria Lunga

Romanian The Visitors – Vizitatorii

Romanian The Way to God

Romanian This Was Your Life - Aceasta A Fost Viata Ta

Romanian Tiny Shoes – Pantofiorii

Romanian What is your Life Story?

Romanian What's Wrong With This? – Ce-I Rau In Asta?

Romanian Why Is Mary Crying? – De Ce Plange Maria

Runyankore This Was Your Life - Aga Gakaba Gari Amagara Gaawe

Runyoro/Rutooro The Beast - Ekinyamaiswa

Runyoro/Rutooro The Fool - Omudomadoma

Russian Charlie's Ants

Russian A Love Story

Russian Are You a Good Person?

Russian Back from The Dead?

Russian Big Daddy?

Russian Creator or Liar?

Russian Earthman

Russian Flight 144

Russian Frame Up

Russian Greatest Story Ever Told

Russian Happy Hour

Russian Hi There!

Russian How to Get Rich

Russian How To Get To Heaven

Russian It's Who You Know

Russian Just One More

Russian Love The Jewish People

Russian Moving On Up!

Russian Room 310 - Komnata 310

Russian Set Free

Russian Somebody Goofed

Russian Somebody Loves Me

Russian Something in Common?

Russian That Crazy Guy!

Russian The Beast

Russian The Bull

Russian The Choice - Vybor

Russian The Empty Tomb – O Tumulo Vazio

Russian The Execution

Russian The Long Trip

Russian The Mad Machine

Russian The Nervous Witch

Russian The Passover Plot

Russian The Sissy?

Russian The Superstar

Russian The Thief

Russian The Visitors

Russian The Way to God

Russian The Word Became Flesh

Russian This Was Your Life - Eto Byla Tvoya Zhizn'

Russian Titanic

Russian War Games!

Russian Where's Rabbi Waxman?

Sango The Way to God

Sango This Was Your Life - So Tene Ti Fini Ti Mo La

Serbian This Was Your Life - Ovo Je Bio Tvoj Zivot

Setswana Are You a Good Person?

Shan The Word Became Flesh

Shan Who is He

Shona Trust Me - Vimba Neni

Sinhala The Way to God

Sinhalese The Long Trip

Sinhalese This Was Your Life - Meya Obe Jivitayayi

Slovak Are Roman Catholics Christians - Su Rimskokatolici Krestania

Slovak Are You a Good Person?

Slovak Best Friend - Najlepsi Kamarat

Slovak Hi There - Nazdar

Slovak How To Get Rich - Ako Sa Stat Bohatym (A Udrzat Si To)

Slovak Murph - Jano

Slovak One Way - Jedno-Smerovka

Slovak Somebody Loves Me - Niekto Ta Miluje

Slovak The Execution - Poprava

Slovak The Present- Dar

Slovak The Sissy - Slaboch

Slovak The Thief - Zlodej

Slovak The Way to God

Slovak This Was Your Life - Toto Bol Tvoj Zivot

Slovak Tiny Shoes - Male Topanky

Slovak Trust Me - Doveruj Mi

Slovak What is your Life Story?

Slovak Why Is Mary Crying - Preco Maria Place

Slovenian Are You a Good Person?

Slovenian The Fool - Dvorski Norec

Slovenian This Was Your Life - To Je Bilo Tvoje Zivljenje

Sotho, Northern It's Your Life - Ebe Ele Bophelo Ba Gago

Sotho, Northern This Was Your Life - Ebe Ele Bophelo Ba Gago

Sotho, Southern This Was Your Life - Bona E Bile Bophelo Ba Hao

Spanish Scream – Ayyy

Spanish 28 Proofs That Jesus is God

Spanish A Demon's Nightmare - El Sueno Espantoso De Un Demonio

Spanish A Love Story - Una Historia De Amor

Spanish Adopted - Adoptada

Spanish All God's Creatures - Todas Las Criaturas De Dios

Spanish Allah Had No Son – Ala No Tuvo Hijo

Spanish Almost Time - Ya Casi Es La Hora

Spanish Am I a Good Person

Spanish And It Was Good - Y Era Bueno

Spanish Angels? – Angeles

Spanish Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn – Monos, Mentiras Y La Señorita Tula

Spanish Are Roman Catholics Christians - Son Cristianos Los Catolicos

Spanish Are You a Good Person?

Spanish Baby Talk - El Tema De Los Bebes

Spanish Back From The Dead - Estuve Muerto

Spanish Bad Bob - Pepe El Malo

Spanish Bed Time - Es Hora De Dormir

Spanish Best Friend - Mi Mejor Amigo

Spanish Bewitched - Hechizada

Spanish Big Daddy - Abuelito

Spanish Birds and the Bees – Aves Y Abejas

Spanish Boo - Bu

Spanish Born Wild - Rebelde De Nacimiento

Spanish Busted! – Culpable!

Spanish Camel's In The Tent - El Camello Esta En La Tienda

Spanish Cathy - Katy

Spanish Cats – Fieras

Spanish Caught – Atrapado

Spanish Charlie's Ants - Las Hormigas De Carlitos

Spanish Cleo - Chiquis

Spanish Crazy Wolf - Lobo Loco

Spanish Creator or Liar - Creador O Mentiroso

Spanish Dark Dungeons – Calabozos Tenebrosos

Spanish Do Sacraments Save?

Spanish Does The Sabbath Save?

Spanish Doom Town – La Ciudad Maldita

Spanish Earthman - El Hombre De La Tierra

Spanish Evil Eyes – Ojos Maleficos

Spanish Fairy Tales – Cuentos De Hadas

Spanish Fallen – Perdido

Spanish Fat Cats - Los Peces Gordos

Spanish Fatal Decision - Decision Fatal

Spanish Fire Starter? – El Incendiario?

Spanish First Bite - El Primer Mordisco

Spanish Flight 144 - Vuelo 144

Spanish Four Angels - Cuatro Angeles

Spanish Framed – Acussado

Spanish Gladys – Brunilda

Spanish Global Warming - El Calentamiento Global

Spanish God With Us - Dios Con Nosotros

Spanish God's Little Angel - El Pequeno Angel De Dios

Spanish Going Down - Va Para Abajo

Spanish Going Home – Rumbo Al Hogar

Spanish Gold Fever - La Fiebre Del Oro

Spanish Gomez is Coming - Ahi Viene Gomez

Spanish Good Advice

Spanish Good Ol' Boys – El Club

Spanish Greatest Story Ever Told - La Historia Mas Bella

Spanish Guilty - Condenado

Spanish Gun Slinger - El Pistolero

Spanish Happy Halloween - La Noche De Las Brujas

Spanish Happy Hour - La Hora Feliz

Spanish Heart Trouble - Problemas En El Corazon

Spanish Here Comes The Judge - Aqui Viene El Juez

Spanish Here He Comes! – Viene Pronto

Spanish Here, Kitty Kitty! – Gatito, Gatito, Ven!

Spanish Hi There - Hola

Spanish Holy Joe - El Santurron

Spanish Holy Night - Noche De Paz

Spanish Home Alone - Solo En Casa

Spanish How To Get Rich - Como Volverse Rico

Spanish How To Get To Heaven

Spanish Humbug! – Pampalinas!

Spanish I See You - Te Estoy Viendo

Spanish In The Beginning – En El Principio

Spanish Is Allah Like You - Es Ala Como Tu

Spanish Is There Another Christ - Hay Otro Cristo

Spanish It's a Deal - Trato Hecho

Spanish It's All About You - Todo Depende De Ti

Spanish It's Coming – Ya Viene!

Spanish It's Not Your Fault – No Es Tu Culpa

Spanish It's The Law - Es La Ley

Spanish It's Who You Know - Lo Importante Es A Quien Conoces

Spanish It's Your Life - Es Tu Vida

Spanish It’s Free

Spanish I’m Happy When You’re Happy

Spanish Juega Para Ganar

Spanish Just One More - Solo Uno Mas

Spanish Keep The Secret - Guarden El Secreto

Spanish Kidnapped! – Secuetrada!

Spanish Killer Storm – La Tormenta Asesina

Spanish Kitty In The Window - Un Gatito En La Ventana

Spanish Last Rites - Extremauncion

Spanish Let's Fly Away - Echemos A Volar

Spanish Li'l Susy – Sustanita

Spanish Limited Time Offer - Oferta Por Tiempo Limitado

Spanish Look Out - Cuidado

Spanish Love That Money - Amo El Dinero

Spanish Love The Jewish People - Ama Al Pueblo Judio

Spanish Mama's Girls – Las Hijas De Mama

Spanish Man in Black – El Hombre De Negro

Spanish Man of the Match - La Estrella Del Partido

Spanish Mary's Kids – Los Hijos De Maria

Spanish Mean Momma – Una Mama Malvada

Spanish Men of Peace - Hombres De Paz

Spanish Miss Universe - Miss Universo

Spanish Moving On Up! – Ascendiendo!

Spanish Murph – Pancho

Spanish No Fear - Juan Sin Miedo

Spanish No Justice - No Hay Justicia

Spanish One Way - Un Camino

Spanish Only 2 Religions

Spanish Papa – Papi

Spanish Party Girl – La Fiestera

Spanish Payback – La Vengaza

Spanish Peace & Safety

Spanish Poor Little Lamb – Pobre Corderito

Spanish Ransom - El Rescate

Spanish Real Heat – Realmente Caliente

Spanish Reverend Wonderful – Reverendo Maravilloso

Spanish Room 310 – El Cuarto 310

Spanish Rotten Rodney – Pedro El Peligroso

Spanish Satan Comes To Salem – Satanas Viene A Salem

Spanish Secret of Prayer – El Secreto Dela Oracion

Spanish Set Free – Libres

Spanish Sin City – La Ciudad De Pecado

Spanish Sneakers – Los Tenis

Spanish Some Like it Hot – Algunos Aman El Calorcito

Spanish Somebody Angry? – Alguien Esta Enojado

Spanish Somebody Goofed – Alguien Se Equivoco

Spanish Somebody Loves Me – Alguien Me Ama

Spanish Something in Common? – Algo En Comun

Spanish Something Missing

Spanish Sorry – Lo Siento

Spanish Soul Sisters – Hermanas Del Alma

Spanish Soul Survivor – Como Esta Tu Alma

Spanish Spooky! – Aterrador

Spanish Squatters – Invasores

Spanish Still No Revival – Aun No Hay Avivamiento

Spanish Stinky – Apestoso

Spanish Sunk! – Hundidos

Spanish That Crazy Guy! – Ay,Que Loco!

Spanish That's Baphomet? – Ese Es Bafomet

Spanish The Accident – Accidente

Spanish The Assignment - La Encomienda

Spanish The Awful Truth - La Horrible Verdad

Spanish The Beast - La Bestia

Spanish The Big Deal – El Gran Trato

Spanish The Big Spender – El Derrochador

Spanish The Bull – El Toro

Spanish The Bully - El Bravucon

Spanish The Chaplain – El Capellan

Spanish The Choice - La Decision

Spanish The Contract - El Contrato

Spanish The Crisis

Spanish The Death Cookie – El Pan De La Muerte

Spanish The Deceived – Los Defraudados

Spanish The Devil's Night – La Noche Del Diablo

Spanish The Dirty Diamond – El Diamante Sucio

Spanish The Empty Tomb - La Tumba Vacia

Spanish The Execution - La Ejecucion

Spanish The First Jaws - El Primer Tiburon Sangriento

Spanish The Fool - El Mentecato

Spanish The Gay Blade- Un Galan

Spanish The God's Bridge to Eternal Life - El Puente de Dios a la Vida Eterna

Spanish The Great Escape – El Gran Escape

Spanish The Great One – El Magnifico

Spanish The Greatest Insult - El Mayor Insulto

Spanish The Hit! – El Golpe

Spanish The Hunter – El Cazador

Spanish The Last Generation - La Ultima Generacion

Spanish The Last Judge - El Ultimo Juez

Spanish The Last Judge – El Ultimo Juez

Spanish The Last Surprise – La Ultima Sorpresa

Spanish The Letter - La Carta

Spanish The Little Bride – La Pequña ovia

Spanish The Little Ghost - El Fantasmita

Spanish The Little Princess - La Princesita

Spanish The Little Sneak – El Ladronzuelo

Spanish The Long Trip - El Viaje Largo

Spanish The Loser – El Perdedor

Spanish The Mad Machine - La Maquina Loca

Spanish The Missing Day – El Dia Olvidado

Spanish The Monster – El Monstruo

Spanish The Nervous Witch

Spanish The Only Hope – La Unica Esperanza

Spanish The Only Way – El Unico Camino

Spanish The Outcast – Rechazada

Spanish The Outsider – La Forastera

Spanish The Passover Plot – El Complot Dela Pascua

Spanish The Peace Maker – El Pacificador

Spanish The Pilgrimage – El Peregrinaje

Spanish The Poor Revolutionist – El Pobre Revolucionario

Spanish The Present – La Dadiva

Spanish The Promise – La Promesa

Spanish The Royal Affair – La Aventura Del Rey

Spanish The Scam – La Estafa

Spanish The Secret – El Secreto

Spanish The Sissy? – El Cobardon

Spanish The Sky Lighter – El Que Ilumina El Cielo

Spanish The Slugger – El “Super” Bateador

Spanish The Star – La Estrella

Spanish The Superstar – El Goleador

Spanish The Thief – El Ladron

Spanish The Throw Away Kid – La Nina Abandonado

Spanish The Traitor – El Traidor

Spanish The Trap – La Trampa

Spanish The Trial – El Juicio

Spanish The Trick – La Travesura

Spanish The True Path – El Verdadero Camino

Spanish The Unwelcome Guest – El Invitado No Deseado

Spanish The Visitors – Los Visitantes

Spanish The Walking Dead? – Muertos Que Caminan

Spanish The Wall – La Pared

Spanish The Warning – La Advertencia

Spanish The Way to God

Spanish The What?

Spanish The Word Became Flesh – El Verbo Se Hizo Carne

Spanish There Go the Dinosaurs – El Fin Delos Dinosaurios!

Spanish Things to Come? – El Porvenir

Spanish This Was Your Life – Esta Fue Tu Vida

Spanish Tiny Shoes – Los Zapatitos

Spanish Titanic – El titanic

Spanish Trust Me – Confia En Mi

Spanish Twin Towers – Las Torres Gemelas

Spanish Unforgiven? – Sin Perdon

Spanish Uninvited – Intruso

Spanish Unloved – Despreciado

Spanish War Games! – Una Guerra

Spanish War Zone – Campo de Batalla

Spanish Wassup? – Que Ondas

Spanish What A Shame! – Que Pena

Spanish What is your Life Story?

Spanish What's Worse? – Cual Es Peor

Spanish What's Wrong With This? – Que Tiene De Malo

Spanish Where Did They Go? – A Donde Se Fueron

Spanish Where's Rabbi Waxman? – Donde Esta El Rabi Waxman

Spanish Where's Your Name? – Donde Esta Tu Nombre

Spanish Who Cares? – A Quien Le Importa

Spanish Who is He? – Quien Es El

Spanish Who Loves You? – Quien Te Ama

Spanish Who Murdered Clarice? – Quien Mato A Norita

Spanish Who's It Gonna Be? – Quien Lo Hara

Spanish Who's Missing? - Quien Desparecio?

Spanish Who's The Real Hater? – Quien Odia Realmente

Spanish Whose Slave are You?

Spanish Why Is Mary Crying? – Por Que Llora Maria

Spanish Why No Revival? – Por Que No Hay Avivamiento?

Spanish Why Should I? – Por Que Debo Hacerlo

Spanish Wish List

Spanish You Have a Date! – Tienes Una Cita

Spanish Your Best Life – La Mejor Vida Para Ti

Spanish Your Big Moment – Tu Gran Momento

Spanish Your Next Choice

Sranantongo The Way to God

Suriname Bewitched? – Wan Wisi

Suriname This Was Your Life – Disi Ben Joe Libi!

Suriname Hindi This Was Your Life – Aapke Djiewan Aise Raha

Swahili A Love Story– Hadithi Ya Upendo

Swahili Allah Had No Son – Allah Hakuwa Na Mwana

Swahili Best Friend – Rafiki Besti

Swahili Creator or Liar? – Muumbaji Au Mwongo?

Swahili Flight 144 – Namba 144

Swahili Going Home – Kwenda Nyumbani

Swahili One Way! – Njia Moja!

Swahili Somebody Loves Me – Yupo Ambaye Anipenda

Swahili This Was Your Life – Ndivyo Yalikuwa Maisha Yako!

Swahili Tiny Shoes – Viatu Vidogo

Swahili What is your Life Story?

Swahili ( Congo ) Are You a Good Person?

Swahili Congo The Way to God

Swedish Angels? – Anglar

Swedish Are Roman Catholics Christians? – Ar Romerska Katoliker Kristian?

Swedish Are You a Good Person?

Swedish Big Daddy? – Tjocka Slakten

Swedish How to Get Rich – Hur Man Blir Rik

Swedish One Way! – En Vag!

Swedish Somebody Loves Me – Nagon Alskar Mig

Swedish The Accident – Olyckan

Swedish The Contract! – Kontraktet!

Swedish The Little Ghost – Lilla Spoket

Swedish The Way to God

Swedish The Word Became Flesh – Ordet Blev Kott

Swedish This Was Your Life – Sa Har Var Ditt Liv

Swedish Why No Revival? – Varfor Ingen Vackelse?

Tagalog A Love Story – Isang Kuwento ng Pag-ibig

Tagalog Are You a Good Person?

Tagalog Back from The Dead? – Pagbabalik Mula Sa Mga Patay?

Tagalog Best Friend – Matalik Na Kaibigan

Tagalog Caught – Huli Ka

Tagalog Charlie's Ants - Ang mga Langgam ni Carlo

Tagalog Creator or Liar? – Maylikha o Sinungaling?

Tagalog Fallen – Napahamak!

Tagalog Fat Cats – Matatabang Pusa

Tagalog Fatal Decision – Nakapahamak Na Desisyon

Tagalog Flight 144 – Flayt 144

Tagalog Framed – Maling Paratang!

Tagalog Gladys – Gladys

Tagalog God With Us – Sumaatin Ang Dios

Tagalog Good Ol' Boys- Ang Samahan

Tagalog Greatest Story Ever Told - Ang Pinakadakilang Kasaysayan

Tagalog Guilty? – Nagkasala

Tagalog Gun Slinger – Mabilis Sa Baril

Tagalog Heart Trouble - Problema sa Puso

Tagalog Here He Comes! – Heto Na Siya!

Tagalog Holy Joe – Edong Banal

Tagalog How to Get Rich – Papaano Yumaman

Tagalog I See You! – Kitang Kita Kita!

Tagalog In The Beginning – Sa Pasimula

Tagalog Is There Another Christ - Mayroon Kayang Ibang Cristo

Tagalog It's Coming – Parating Na!

Tagalog It's The Law - Iyan ang Batas

Tagalog Just One More – Isa Pa Nga

Tagalog Kitty In The Window – Kuting Sa May Bintana

Tagalog Last Rites - Huling Ritwal

Tagalog Man in Black – Ang Lalaking Nakaitim

Tagalog Murph – Sarge

Tagalog No Fear? – Dika Ba Takot?

Tagalog One Way! – Bukod Tanging Daan

Tagalog Papa - Santo Papa

Tagalog Payback – Ang Kabayaran!

Tagalog Real Heat – Ang Tunay Na Init

Tagalog Scream – Hiyaw!

Tagalog Set Free – Pinalaya

Tagalog Sin City – Lunsod Ng Kasalanan

Tagalog Some Like it Hot – Gusto Ng Ilan Ay Mainit

Tagalog Somebody Loves Me – May Nagmamahal Sa Akin

Tagalog The Accident – Ang Aksidente

Tagalog The Beast – Ang Halimaw

Tagalog The Big Deal – Ang Pinakamagandang Transakyon

Tagalog The Big Spender – Ang Taong Bulagsak

Tagalog The Bull – Ang Astig

Tagalog The Bully – Ang Maton

Tagalog The Choice - Ang Pagpipilian

Tagalog The Contract! – Ang Kontrata

Tagalog The Empty Tomb – Ang Libingang Walang Laman

Tagalog The Greatest Insult – Ang Sukdulang Paghamak

Tagalog The Last Judge – Ang Huling Hukom

Tagalog The Letter – Sulat

Tagalog The Long Trip - Ang Mahabang Paglalakbay

Tagalog The Loser – Ang Talunan

Tagalog The Monster - Ang Halimaw

Tagalog The Nervous Witch – Ang Kakaba-Kabang Mangkukulam

Tagalog The Outcast – Ang Patapon

Tagalog The Present – Ang Relago

Tagalog The Promise – Ang Pangako

Tagalog The Scam – Ang Pangdaraya

Tagalog The Warning - Ang Babala

Tagalog The Way to God

Tagalog There is Hope - Mayroong Pag-asa

Tagalog This Was Your Life - Ito ang Naging Buhay Mo

Tagalog Tiny Shoes - Maliliit na Sapatos

Tagalog Titanic – Titanic

Tagalog What is your Life Story?

Tagalog Where's Your Name? – Nasaan Ang Iyong Pangalan?

Tagalog Who Cares? – Sino Ang Nagmamalasakit?

Tagalog Who is He? – Sino Ba Siya

Tagalog Who's Missing? – Sino’ng Nawawala?

Tagalog Why Is Mary Crying - Bakit Lumuluha si Maria

Tahitian One Way! – Ho’e Noa Iho E’a

Tahitian This Was Your Life – Te Hohoa O To Outou Oraraa!

Tamil One Way!

Tamil Set Free

Tamil The Empty Tomb

Tamil The Way to God

Tamil This Was Your Life

Tatar Allah Had No Son

Tatar Room 310 – Komhata 310

Tatar This Was Your Life

Tedim Chin The Present – Letsong

Telugu One Way!

Telugu The Way to God

Telugu This Was Your Life

Telugu What is your Life Story?

Thai A Love Story

Thai Are You a Good Person?

Thai Best Friend

Thai Charlie's Ants

Thai Creator or Liar?

Thai Greatest Story Ever Told

Thai Heart Trouble

Thai How To Get To Heaven

Thai Li'l Susy

Thai One Way!

Thai Somebody Loves Me

Thai Something in Common?

Thai The Attack

Thai The Choice – Wybor

Thai The Long Trip

Thai The Tycoon

Thai The Way to God

Thai The Word Became Flesh

Thai This Was Your Life

Thai Who is He?

Tibetan Creator or Liar?

Tibetan The Word Became Flesh

Tigrinya It's Your Life!

Tigrinya The Way to God

Tigrinya This Was Your Life

Tiv This Was Your Life – Ka Pe Yange Uma Wough Lu Je Ne!

Tok Pisin The Way to God

Tongan (S. Pacific) This Was Your Life - Na’e Anga Pehe Ni Ene Mo Ui!

Tshiluba This Was Your Life – Tshindidimbi Tshia Muoyo Webe!

Tsonga This Was Your Life – Lebyi A Byi Ri Vutomi Bya Wena!

Turkish Allah Had No Son – Allah’in Oglu Yoktur

Turkish Are You a Good Person?

Turkish This Was Your Life – Bu Senin Hayatindi

Twi A Love Story

Ukrainian Are You a Good Person?

Ukrainian The Way to God

Ukrainian This Was Your Life

Ukranian A Love Story

Ukranian Big Daddy?

Ukranian Charlie's Ants

Ukranian Creator or Liar?

Ukranian Plagues

Ukranian Room 310

Ukranian Something in Common?

Ukranian The Choice

Ukranian The Long Trip

Ukranian The Passover Plot

Ukranian The Sissy?

Ukranian The Superstar

Umbundu The Way to God

Urdu The Way to God

Urdu-Persian Script The Pilgrimage

Urdu-Persian Script The Word Became Flesh

Urdu-Persian Script This Was Your Life

Venda This Was Your Life – Hovhu Ho Vha Vhutshilo Hanga!

Vietnamese A Love Story – Cau Chuyen Tinh Yeu

Vietnamese Are You a Good Person?

Vietnamese Creator or Liar? – Dang Tao Hoa Hay Ke Doi Tra

Vietnamese Greatest Story Ever Told – Cau Chuyen Vi Dai Nhat Tung Duoc Ke

Vietnamese Heart Trouble – Trai Tim Co Van De

Vietnamese Last Rites – Nhu’ng Nghi Le Cuoi Cung

Vietnamese Set Free – That Tu Do!

Vietnamese The Empty Tomb – Ngoi Mo Trong Rong

Vietnamese The Long Trip – Chuyen Di Dai

Vietnamese The Present – Mon Qua

Vietnamese The Royal Affair – Su Vu Hoang Gia

Vietnamese The Tycoon – Nha Tai Phu

Vietnamese The Way to God

Vietnamese This Was Your Life – Day Cuoc Doi Cua Ban!

Vietnamese Tiny Shoes – Giay Xinh

Vietnamese Titanic - Titanic

Vietnamese Who is He? – Ngu’Oi Do La Ai?

Vietnamese Who is Who is He? – Ngu’Oi Do La Ai?

Waray-Waray This Was Your Life – Ini An Imo Nagin Kinabuhi!

White Hmong One Way! – Tib Txoj Kev Xwb!

White Hmong This Was Your Life – No Yog Koj Lub Neej Yav Tas Los!

Xhosa This Was Your Life – Yayibu Bomi Bakho Obu!

Yanomano Creator or Liar? – Tablalewa O Nasimolewa

Yao A Love Story– Ngani Ja Chinonyelo

Yao Creator or Liar? – Mkupanganya Kapena Jwawunami?

Yao One Way! – Litala Limo!

Yao Somebody Loves Me – Jwine Jwakwe Akunonyela Une

Yao The Execution – Kulamulidwa

Yao The Word Became Flesh – Malowe Gawele Mundu

Yao This Was Your Life – Awu Ni Waliji Wumi Wawo!

Yoruba Are Roman Catholics Christians? – Nje Kristiani Ni Awon Katoliko Roomu Bi?

Yoruba The Deceived – Awon Ti Won Tanje

Yoruba The Story Teller – Eni Ti O So Itan Fun Wa

Yoruba This Was Your Life - Igbesi Aye Re Niyi

Yoruba Why Is Mary Crying? – Ki Lode Ti Maria Fi N Sokun?

Zande The Way to God

Zulu Hard Times – Izikhathi Ezinzima

Zulu The Last Judge – Ijaji Lokugcina

Zulu This Was Your Life – Yayinje Impilo Yakho